Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao — Hidden gem CKT stall to shutter on 5 Apr

It’s the start of the month but the end of an era for Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao. This beloved old-school char kway teow stall is slated to pull down its shutters come 5 Apr 2024.

Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao - Stallfront

Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao is what many may deem a hidden gem. This humble CKT stall is situated in the nondescript Kou Wei Eating House along Upper Cross Street in Chinatown.

According to a post in the Can Eat! SG Facebook group, the stall’s impending closure is due to its owner’s decision to bow out of the hawker scene. The post received several dismayed reactions and comments by members who expressed their intention to hurry down for a final plate.

Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao - Menu Signboard & CKT

It’s clear that Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao will be missed by many, and for good reason. The stall is well-loved for just the one item: Fried Guo Tiao.

For a long time, the smallest plate set patrons back just S$3. While the prices have (inevitably) been adjusted, they remain at a wallet-friendly point of S$4 or S$5 for a regular and large plate respectively.

Don’t confuse the stall with the similarly-named Cuppage Fried Kway Teow Hokkien Mee in the nearby Hong Lim Food Centre. Also, you certainly shouldn’t underestimate their take on the dish despite the stall’s proximity to several CKT ‘greats’.

Cuppage Fried Guo Tiao - Fried Guo Tiao

According to online reviews, there seems to be much to laud about the Fried Guo Tiao. For one, each plate is fried fresh to order. It’s said to lean moist and sweet, though not overwhelmingly so in either arena.

You can expect to receive a plate with a generous helping of kway teow and noodles, stir-fried with plenty of ingredients such as fishcake, lup cheong and plenty of taugeh that lend the dish a refreshing crunch. Most importantly, it’s said to boast a prominent wok hei that not only shines through in flavour but also aroma.

It’s a pity that this gem of a stall to many will be shuttering. On the bright side, you still have a few more days to indulge in a final plate; perhaps even a first if you’ve never.

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