A conversation with make-up artist, Larry Yeo

Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Yahoo TV Singapore)
Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Yahoo TV Singapore)

SINGAPORE — Meet freelance make-up artist, Larry Yeo, who’s been in the beauty business for close to 20 years. Educated in Biotechnology and Cosmetic Science, he’s passionate about educating, correcting make-up misconceptions and bringing out people’s beauty.

There’s no such thing as a typical day

It can start as early as 2.30am or as late as 8pm for a shoot. I also conduct workshops where I present to people about skincare and make-up on behalf of beauty brands, imparting practical skills as well as clear up any skincare or make-up myths.

He’s always well-prepared

I like to be prepared, so I usually double check and get ready three or four hours before an event. I run through my notes and rehearse if I’m doing a workshop. If it is an early job, I definitely need a caffeine kick from my local coffeeshop.

I gradually learnt when I first started freelancing in 2006 that it’s important to be fully prepared and well-equipped. My kit contains the whole works: skincare, make-up remover, make-up and brushes, right down to cotton buds and also a first-aid kit. #TrustNoOne

Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Phyllicia Wang)
Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Phyllicia Wang)

He’s a homebody

The longer I work in the industry, the more introverted I have become. Some have misinterpreted my desire to be alone as being antisocial, but in fact it’s because my daily work requires a lot of energy and plenty of interaction. During my time off, I prefer chilling with a small group of close friends at home or simply sleep, nap, or laze around.

Men and make-up? He’s all for it

As long as it empowers them. I do put on make-up for special occasions. Start with a little concealer under the eye, blot that grease away and maybe hide the love bites on your neck!

Teaching is one of his passions

I love teaching and conducting workshops because education is power. Various brands confine people (like their staff) to their stipulated ways of application techniques, while some are limited in what they are willing to attempt because they don’t have the confidence and experience to experiment. My greatest thrill is to hear from the participants that they have benefitted immensely at the end of a workshop or a presentation, and they are eager to put what they have learnt to good use.

Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Yahoo TV Singapore)
Make-up artist, Larry Yeo (PHOTO: Yahoo TV Singapore)

New to make-up?

First, embrace your face shape. Secondly, it’s make-up, so explore. When was the last time you tried something new? Are you stuck with the same look year on year? Is your make-up style becoming more and more generic? Give yourself a challenge from time to time to try something different and think out of the box. If it doesn’t work out, no big deal – clean your face, and start again.

Fake news is not his thing

The most challenging part of my job is fighting through the white noise and the sea of misinformation regarding make-up. That’s why I enjoy conducting beauty workshops and getting the right message across to the public. The new make-up video series I’m working on with Yahoo TV is another platform for me to spread this message.

Catch Yahoo TV’s make-up series with Larry, “Can Make It Make-up”, starting 25 June.