Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Clean, natural beauty on your mind? If you’ve been on the lookout for clean, toxin-free skincare and beauty products in Singapore, we’ve got quite the treat for you!

Made with ingredients that are better for you and the environment, clean, cruelty-free and natural beauty is a trend that’s only set to grow. Whether it's homegrown skincare that is made fresh in Singapore to international brands that have won our hearts, here are the top clean and natural beauty products that you should be shopping for.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

BeautéSaine Cosmetique

Hand-curated products made from certified organic and natural ingredients and sourced from organic farmers and suppliers. If you like the sound of that, you'll love the all-natural product lines by BeautéSaine Cosmetique, a popular clean beauty brand sold in Singapore and Australia. With no parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, petrochemicals, fragrances, SLS, and not even 1% of chemicals. This product line is as healthy as beauty can be. But that's not all. BeautéSaine Cosmetique's clean beauty products are registered with the Health Science Authority Singapore and formulated by Founder Jenny Wong, a member of the International Board of Medicine and Surgery USA.

The true test of clean? All of their products have to be freshly made upon orders and hence carry a shelf life of six months only. How's that for fresh!

With a wide range of 100% natural products, including skincare, haircare, lip care, eczema, or baby care, there's something for everyone at this clean beauty brand.If you are looking to buy anti-aging, clean beauty products, take a look at their Blue Rice Mask. The incredible combination of blue clay(a scarce ingredient) also known as the 'healing clay' and rice, increases the collagen in your skin, keeping it supple and preventing wrinkles. It also works to release clogged pores and wash away dead skin, encourages blood circulation and enables cell renewal. It smells pretty amazing too!

Prolonged usage of chemicals can cause serious allergic reactions or severe skin irritation. For a safer option, look at BeautéSaine Cosmetique's range of soothing skin formulas, including their best-selling Elixirs - BeautéSaine Rice Elixir for brightening, BeautéSaine Rose Elixir for acne and BeautéSaine Red Elixir for anti-aging. These skin elixirs will replace your toner-serum-moisturizer routine with just ONE bottle! With a groundbreaking skin formula that sits lightly on the skin and results in the perfect amount of hydration and TLC that your complexion deserves.

100% natural and hand curated, clean beauty addicts - this one's for you!

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Sage and Ylang

Clean beauty for the face, hair and lips! A brand born out of a personal passion for sustainable, green, and ethical skincare, Sage and Ylang have made massive strides in changing the way we use beauty. Made entirely in Singapore, this local skincare and makeup brand sources the best ingredients from all over the world - highest quality, scientifically validated, fair-trade, and sustainable. Committed to producing a line that gives radiant skin by using effective and environmentally friendly products, Sage and Ylang are equally transparent about what they put into their range. All ingredients are fully disclosed along with percentages of natural and certified organic raw ingredients are listed clearly on their labels.

Their award-winning dark spot treatment, Radiance Defence is a Vitamin C and E enriched serum that comes with a patented active which targets hyperpigmentation and sun spots. Containing 15 phytonutrients and vitamins, the serum offers unique skin brightening and protection, while also nourishing, repairing, and firming - all at the same time.

For an innovative clean hair care product, you’d want to try their Scented and Conditioning Hair Mist which is a greener alternative to hair perfume! This hair mist is formulated from a unique blend of quinoa protein and hair loving plant extracts which are able to protect, repair, condition your hair. Scented with organic essential oil, not only will it nourish your hair, but also make it smell beautiful all day long!

And don’t forget to nourish your lips! If you have been seeking clean beauty makeup options, take a look at Sage and Ylang’s UK award-winning Lip and Cheek Tint which provides moisturisation and soothes chapped lips. It also doubles up as sheer and natural cheek blush! Containing Shea Butter and Meadowfoam seed oil that provides natural sun protection, these popular tints are great for everyday use or layering with your favourite lippy.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Just Smile

Teeth whitening without the nasties? Just Smile is a premium teeth whitening brand that sells their iconic non-peroxide whitening kits. With ingredients formulated in Italy, the Just Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit has been designed to deliver maximum results in 6days, with each application lasting only 15 to 25 minutes long. The best part - all their key ingredients ensure there's no pain or sensitivity caused throughout the process. SGS Certified, HSA Notified, FDA Registered, 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free means you get white teeth but in a safe and controlled manner.

Just Smile uses a smart wireless teeth whitening mouthpiece with dual light technology to deliver 6-8 shades lighter teeth. Quick and painless – use once a day for 15-25 minutes to remove stains from coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and more with light-activated acceleration technology.

Violet LED sends small wavelength and high vibration frequency waves that interact with pigment molecules in the dentin, breaking them down into smaller molecules. This weakens the chemical bonds, and white, brighter teeth.

As simple as applying the Whitening Gel(refills sold separately too) on your teeth, and inserting the LED tray in your mouth. Wait for the auto timer to turn off on its own and you’ll have a whiter smile to boast!

Skipping the dentist and effectively whitening teeth without sensitivity - Just Smile makes teeth whitening, a pain-free and convenient task.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

The Skin Firm™

An all-women team of cosmetics chemists who create proprietary formulations to deliver clean beauty! Intrigued much? The Skin Firm® stems from a self-owned, high-tech laboratory, where resident scientists elevate active plant extracts with advanced innovations. One of the very few beauty brands founded by veteran cosmetics chemists, they employ naturally-derived active ingredients to heal, protect and rejuvenate skin.

Based on the belief that natural skincare should be affordable, this skincare brand sources plant powered ingredients from around the world and develops products in their own manufacturing facilities.

Whether it is skin brightening that you hope to achieve, a pure Marula oil that doesn't break the bank, or a micellar cleansing water free from harmful chemicals, The Skin Firm™ has got you covered.

Want a gift for a special clean beauty fan? We’ve got our hearts set on the 5-Piece Squad Gift Set that comes with full-sized bestsellers by The Skin Firm™. Including Natural Micellar Water, Pure & Simple Gel Cleanser, Timeless Elixir, Youth Therapy Concentrated Essence and Long Wear Daily Sunscreen SPF40 PA+++ with a Free Limited Edition Verdure Gift Pochette, you know it will make for a grand pressie!

The coolest part? With all their products crafted by fellow beauty junkies, rest assured that The Skin Firm™ products are not just good for the environment, they are also fantastic for your skin!

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For


Since the creation of this iconic brand, founders Mathilde and Bertrand have always favoured natural and environmentally-friendly active ingredients and thus the concept of “cosm-ethics” at Caudalie was born. Cosm-ethics encapsulates what each product should represent – efficacious formulas, luxurious textures, natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

Hence, you can expect that your Caudalie products do not come with any parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, colourants, mineral oils, and animal-derived ingredients. In 2012, to further their commitment to environmental causes, Caudalie became a member of "1% for the Planet" and donates 1% of its annual world sales to NPOs that work to protect the environment.

Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir is a clean beauty addict essential! Loved by celebrities and artists the world over, this innovative toning mist sets makeup, provides an instant burst of radiance, and tightens the appearance of pores. The Beauty Elixir is the ideal priming base and setting spray between layers of makeup for a long-lasting and smooth finish. It also serves as a great aftershave for men - the formula contains essential oils and plant extracts to clarify and brighten the complexion!

Rehab for your skin? The Caudalie Instant Detox Mask is a personal favourite of ours, for its ability to draw out toxins from clogged pores. Instantly bringing life to dull and tired skin, this detox mask will leave you feeling clean without that dried-out feeling!

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Emma Lewisham

Are you seeking effective natural skincare that rivals the most recognised luxury brands in the world? Emma Lewisham makes uncompromising natural skincare, that is backed by scientific results - AND delivers!

They research extensively, think differently and challenge the status quo in the industry. Instead of using two or three ingredients, Emma Lewisham uses up to 30 high-performing natural ingredients and high concentrations. What’s more, their skincare is 100% natural, and the products deliver scientifically-validated results that are independently proven to rival the most iconic brands in the world.

Take, for instance, the Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum. After three years, and 52 iterations, Emma Lewisham entered the market with the cult-product Skin Reset. A natural serum meant for hyperpigmentation and skin brightening, it is scientifically proven to outperform the most recognised and luxurious vitamin C and brightening products on the market!

The proprietary formula includes innovative plant stem cells, phytonutrients, omegas, fatty acids, and 12 sources of brightening vitamins (including the gold standard cellular extracted vitamin C) to repair, prevent and even the skin’s complexion. It also minimises the visible signs of skin ageing to restore an all-round beautiful complexion.

Other best-selling products include Supernatural Triple Vitamin A+ Face Oil, Supernatural Anti-Ageing 72-Hour Night Crème with Collagen Peptides and the Illuminating Oil Cleanser with Flower Enzymes, Papaya & Chia. Every ingredient in each of their formulas has 100% traceability. Designed to be 100% clean, their products are also refillable and recyclable.

And they deliver to Singapore! Orders over S$150 receive free express shipping, while those below are charged a flat rate of S$10.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For


Australian owned brand, A'kin have dedicated themselves to creating pure, authentic and beautifully aromatic skincare, that is crafted without parabens, sulfates, artificial colours or fragrances. Enriched with botanical extracts, our skincare is designed to nourish and enhance the appearance of your skin, just as nature intended!

With over 20 years of experience in the clean and natural beauty field A’kin’s botanical chemists have helped pioneer advances in natural Australian skin and hair care. The result is skin and environment-friendly products that are great for your skin, hair and well being!

Sensitive skin types will adore the A’kin Hydrating Micellar Water. A pH balanced, soap-free cleansing water infused with Organic Coconut Water, Green Tea, Cucumber and Lavender to cool, soothe and refresh skin while gently and effectively lifting away make-up and impurities. Extremely gentle and nourishing on the skin!

Bestseller, A'KIN Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is the answer to all your moisturising troubles. Restore hydration and revitalise your skin with this 100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil that comes with a minimum concentration of 80% essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) for optimal skin health. Antioxidant and vitamin-rich to help protect the skin from the effect of environmental elements, the oil prevents signs of ageing and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. All without a trace of ‘oily’!

With over 20 years of experience in the clean beauty field our Botanical Chemists have helped pioneer advances in natural Australian skin and hair care. They live and breathe all things natural both at work and at home. That same focus and passion goes into every product that we create.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Oasis Skin

Vegan skincare for a low-to-zero waste lifestyle! Homegrown clean beauty favourites from Singapore, Oasis Skin use high quality ingredients sourced from the best natural environments and handcraft their products in Singapore. 100% chemical-free skincare and free from parabens, sulfates and 400 other synthetic substances, this brand ensures their products are kind to your skin and the environment.

Head to their Vegan Beauty Kitchen where organic skincare products are made fresh by Founder & Beauty Chef, Hildra. From solid haircare to vegan cream deodorant, you can be rest assured there’s something amazing cooking in that kitchen!

The InstaGlow Brightening Beauty Oil is a luxe facial oil serum featuring a formula to purify the skin and strengthen its barrier. The key ingredient Chaulmoogra is proven to be effective for the treatment and repair of acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis and other related skin issues. Blended into a base of fair trade and organic Argan Oil, the serum also features Geranium to soothe irritation, and Vetiver to heal scars and promote firmness of skin.

Oasis Skin also forms distribution partnerships with brands that share the same values as them such as Fer a Cheval. The Fer a Cheval Liquid Soap is a luxuriously scented soap made in Marseilles, France that is not just available in the bottles you receive, but also refillable at the Oasis Skin store!

Out of product? Simply head to their refillery where you are encouraged to bring your own bottles and jars back for a refill at 10% off!

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Two Halves Skincare

Two Halves Skincare is founded by a mother and daughter team who recognise that dehydrated and fatigued skin can expedite ageing, and make it more susceptible to photodamage and pollution. Two Halves’ first approach to having a healthier skin barrier is to tackle skin sensitivity and lack of hydration as a common skin concern.

With that in mind, Two Halves celebrates its debut product with the launch of Better Balance Soothing Hydration Essence, a skin nourisher that will enable your skin to return to its balanced and optimal state.

Formulated and manufactured in Japan, this series uses skin comforting and beneficial ingredients and does not consist of any added fragrances. This is especially suitable for those with sensitive, dehydrated, fatigued skin or anyone with a compromised skin barrier.

Their Better Balance Soothing Hydration Essence is lightweight and oil-free and is formulated to comfortably glide onto the skin, nourishing it with a potent blend of botanical extracts with anti-inflammatory, anti-photoaging and antioxidant properties, providing the much-needed relief and nutrients to sensitive and dull skin. It also has strong humectant ingredients to allow better hydration efficacy from follow up facial masks and moisturisers.

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Sappho New Paradigm

Founded by Emmy nominated makeup artist JoAnn Fowler, and developed with experts in the field of green chemistry, Sappho New Paradigm is a clean beauty and makeup brand that offers formulations created with the finest of certified organic ingredients and infused with phytonutrients. Tested by professional makeup artists and impeccably suited to all skin types, it values the transparency of ingredients and ethical treatment of both humans and animals.

Need a foundation that is completely vegan and cruelty free? Great for the office, camera or catwalk the range of Sappho New Paradigm Liquid Foundations combine age defying moisture and impeccable ingredients to create a radiant, smooth flawless finish. The formulation of luxurious organic ingredients allows for a youthful appearance with a soft glow.

The best part! The all natural emulsifier, combined with the foundation's organic certified or natural ingredients are road tested for Singapore's humid weather and works really well, giving a healthy complexion for the whole day!

There’s plenty more to shop from this clean beauty brand including concealer, bronzer, CC cream, blush and more!

Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For
Clean and Natural Beauty Brands in Singapore that You Should Be Shopping For

Kahina Giving

For centuries, women across the world have performed beauty rituals based on the best ingredients nature has to offer. In Morocco, they unlocked the power of argan oil to restore and moisturise, Rhassoul clay to purify, green tea to tone and refine, and rose to calm skin. These potent natural ingredients have now been formulated to develop a complete and effective skincare line called Kahina Giving. Bringing the wisdom of Morocco to you, Kahina Giving products are sensitively produced from start to finish. Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials are used along with certified natural and organic formulations that incorporate organic materials whenever possible.

As the gold standard of Morocco’s liquid oil, investing in a bottle of light, non-greasy argan oil makes a lot of sense for your skin and hair. Kahina Giving’s Argan Oil absorbs easily and leaves the skin with a radiant glow.

Or try the Kahina Antioxidant Rhassoul Mask that comes scented with invigorating eucalyptus and mint. Dual action of mild exfoliation by the rhassoul clay meets the intense hydration of argan and acai for a cleansed and bright complexion.

This multitasking treatment mask is an essential component to any weekly skincare regimen and is also used for treatments at the famous Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel spa!

There’s a whole range of organic, clean and natural beauty brands available at Charis Naturals, who curate the best of luxury organic beauty for Singapore.

And there you have it, the top clean beauty and natural skincare brands to buy in Singapore!

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