Cindy Au defends Roger Kwok over previous revelation about her health

19 Jun - Former actress Cindy Au recently defended ex-husband Roger Kwok, amid the backlash the actor received over her recent interview.

As reported on Mingpao, the whole issue sparked after Cindy appeared in an online interview with Shiga Lin and Harriet Yeung, where she shared a story about how she became a more open-minded person following an experience she had when she was 40. Cindy stated that she experienced severe cold and breathing difficulties at the time, and had gone to the doctors three times but to no avail.

One night, while she was asleep, Cindy said that she felt something like an electric shock spreading all over her body.

Cindy went on an online interview recently
Cindy went on an online interview recently

"I sat up and patted the person next to me, saying I was out of breath and could hardly speak, but he said, 'Stop it. Go to sleep.' But then he saw that something was wrong with me, he immediately stood up, checked on his phone whether he needed to call an ambulance, and then found some candies and mixed them with hot water for me to drink," she said.

Roger also put a spittoon on the bed so that she could vomit into it, but that she could no longer control her physical condition and wet the bed.

Cindy said that she didn't call the ambulance and was only hospitalised later, where she underwent comprehensive examination and was told that she had pneumonia, hepatitis, enteritis and urethritis.

Following the interview, many criticised Roger for how he reacted and treated his wife, Cindy immediately came to his defence, saying that he was in shock at the time.

"He didn't know what was happening. Even I didn't know what was happening," she said.

Cindy also stressed that despite their divorce, they are still a family and thank the public for their support.

(Photo Source: Chillgood IG, Nanyang)