Chuando's first movie, Precious Is The Night, set to be released in late 2020

Singaporean model-photographer-actor Chuando Tan is in mm2's movie Precious Is The Night. (Photos: Chuando Tan/Instagram, mm2 Entertainment)

Social media influencer Chuando Tan has wrapped up filming for his first ever movie role in Precious Is The Night, with the Mandarin-language murder thriller set to be released by the end of 2020.

Tan, a 54-year-old Singaporean model, photographer and now actor, became a viral sensation after he joined Instagram in 2015 to show his portfolio to potential clients but gained widespread online attention due to his age-defying photos displaying his perfect skin and ripped muscular physique.

Singapore-based movie production company, mm2 Entertainment, announced its involvement in Precious Is The Night today (1 June). Currently in post-production, the movie is co-produced by mm2 Entertainment and Taiwan’s Pure Films. It is also a feature film debut for Taiwanese director Wayne Peng and producer Lim Sau Hoong.

Ng Say Yong, mm2 Asia’s chief content officer, said, "This is a very unique production, featuring talents from Singapore and Taiwan, made with passion by the husband and wife team of Wayne and Sau Hoong, both accomplished professionals in the advertising world. We're delighted to be working with them to bring Precious Is The Night to cinema screens, hopefully by the end of 2020."

Despite not having any movie experience, Tan was chosen to play the lead character in Precious Is The Night.

Chuando Tan plays the lead character in his first acting role. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)

The movie synopsis reads: “A 30-something doctor (Chuando Tan) is caught in a web of deceit, sex and lies. The murder drama, set in 1960s Singapore, revolves around the doctor making house calls to a mysterious wealthy family.”

Tan reportedly has some steamy sex scenes in the movie, and one of two teasers released so far features his taut shirtless torso.

The movie also features Singaporean stars Tay Ping Hui, Xiang Yun and her real-life daughter Chen Yi Xin, and Taiwanese actresses Nanyeli and Chang Tzu-lei.

How will Chuando fare as an actor? We’ll find out soon enough.

Here’s a trailer as well as more stills from the movie.

Chuando Tan in Precious Is The Night. Mm2 Entertainment hopes to release the movie by the end of 2020. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)
Taiwanese actress Nanyeli (left) and Singaporean actress Chen Yi Xin in Precious Is The Night. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)
Chen Yi Xin (top) and Taiwanese actress Chang Tzu Lei in Precious Is The Night. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)
Chen Yi Xin in Precious Is The Night. (Photo: mm2 Entertainment)