You will never believe how old this Singaporean man is

There are some things we need to get straight about Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan.

He is a man.

He was one of Singapore’s most in-demand models in the late 80s, later transforming into a Mandarin pop singer.

In 1996, he became a celebrity photographer.

And he was born in 1967.

Yes, Chuando Tan is 50 years old.

The chiselled, baby-faced photographer has caused a storm after his 224,000 Instagram followers were shocked to find out his real age.

With a face and body that gives the impression he is at least half his 50 years, Chuando has kindly revealed how you too can reverse the ageing process.

He claims his youthful looks and lack of grey hair are down to a good diet that involves eating a chicken breast every day, regular workouts (we’re talking four times a week) and no late nights.

Weirdly, he also avoids having a shower early in the morning or late at night. Perhaps that’s the real secret?

Pair this with the advice from Taiwan’s most youthful-looking family and you’re onto an anti-ageing winner.

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