Chrissie Chau enjoys playing two characters

1 Dec - Chrissie Chau is elated to return to the realm of TVB dramas again with her new series, "Dead Ringer".

The actress, who sat down for an interview recently, stated that she was attracted to the role due to the challenge of playing dual roles with extremely different personalities.

"There were more scenes and the filming lasted five months. Since I play two characters, my characters have romantic relationships with several men," she said.

These men include characters played by Bosco Wong, Raymond Wong, Derek Kok, and Alex Fong.

Chrissie plays two characters in the drama
Chrissie plays two characters in the drama

On the other hand, the actress admitted that she enjoyed doing the action scenes herself, even though it was inevitable for her to get injured doing so.

"I had an old foot problem. This drama requires me to wear high heels and run a lot. There are a lot of running scenes with Bosco, and the director even asked me to catch up to him in one scene. I tried my best to run in my heels, which aggravated the old injury. I had to shoot every day and had no time to recover, so my feet hurt all the time," she said.

In "Dead Ringer", Chrissie plays a female captain who, upon raiding a human trafficking base, discovers a female corpse that turns out to be her twin sister.

(Photo Source: Chrissie Chau IG, Oriental Sunday)