Chingmy Yau: Nobody would want to see me on the screen!

13 Sep – Former '90s screen siren Chingmy Yau recently stated that she doesn't think anybody would be interested to see her making a comeback in the film industry.

As reported on Mingpao, the former actress who appeared at an anniversary event recently, laughed when the media suggested that Eric Tsang should produce a movie for her.

"I am very busy taking care of my kids. I mean, even if there is time for me to make a movie, I don't think that the audience would want it," she said.

Asked if there will be any opportunity for her to make a comeback in the future, the "Millionaire Cop" actress responded, "It's hard for me to say since I never thought about filming again. I'm also saying no to reality shows."

However, Chingmy admitted that her eldest daughter has been getting offers from studios, though they are not going to say yes to all of them.

"My children are still young and are focused on their studies. I don't want them to join the entertainment industry. My eldest is not even interested in it," she said.

(Photo Source: Liberty Times)