Chen Kun and Ni Ni deny rumours of romance

22 Nov – Chinese actors Chen Kun and Ni Ni have recently denied ongoing rumours that the two of them are together.

As reported on HK01, the two stars, who were previously seen dining together and subsequently leaving together, recently took to social media to clarify their relationship, saying that they are nothing more than friends who are as close as siblings.

Chen wrote on Weibo that the two of them became good friends after becoming neighbours, and would often go out and have fun together.

"Brothers and sisters in name, we enjoy irritating each other. If you are here for the gossip, then just stay for the gossip. When you're done, you can leave," he added.

Ni Ni also echoed Chen's words in her social media post, saying that there is no romance between them, only sibling-like relationship.

The two of them started becoming close after working together in the series, "The Rise of Phoenixes" in 2018.

(Photo Source: hk01)