All the RHS Chelsea Flower Show winners for 2023

chelsea flower show winners 2023
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The most recent Chelsea Flower Show winners have now been announced, with a spectacular array of impressive displays honoured in the final awards list. The spectacle has returned this week, meaning the Chelsea Flower Show 2023 winners were announced on Tuesday 23 May.

Each year judges present medals across categories which are either gold, silver gilt, silver or bronze.

There are additional prizes for the best garden in each category and an award for the best construction. This year, a special award in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee has also been awarded.

Below, we run through all the Chelsea Flower Show winners for this year as well as 2022 medallists. You can see what's happening this year in our full guide to the Chelsea Flower Show 2023, including the RHS Chelsea Floristry and Floral Design competition winners for 2023.

Chelsea Flower Show 2023 winners

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The Chelsea Flower Show 2023 winners have now been announced.

2023 Show Garden winners

  • GOLD Harris Bugg Studio Horatio's Garden

  • GOLD Cleve West The Centrepoint Garden

  • GOLD Sarah Price The Nurture Landscapes Garden

  • GOLD Chris Beardshaw Myeloma UK - A Life Worth Living Garden

  • GOLD Jihae Hwang A Letter From a Million Years Past

  • SILVER-GILT Paul Hervey-Brookes RBC Brewin Dolphin Garden

  • SILVER-GILT Gavin McWilliam and

  • Andrew Wilson Memoria & GreenAcres Transcendence Garden

  • SILVER-GILT Mark Gregory The Savills Garden

  • SILVER-GILT Darren Hawkes Samaritans’ Listening Garden

  • SILVER-GILT Tom Massey The Royal Entomological Society Garden

  • SILVER Jon Davies and Steve

  • Williams Centre for Mental Health’s The Balance Garden

  • SILVER Jilayne Rickards The Fauna & Flora Garden

2023 Sanctuary Garden winners

  • GOLD Charlie Hawkes, PGB/ National Brain Appeal The National Brain Appeal's Rare Space Garden

  • GOLD James Smith, London Square The London Square Community Garden

  • GOLD Kazuyuki Ishihara, The Biophilic Garden Otsu - Hanare

  • SILVERGILT Filippo Dester, Hamptons Hamptons Mediterranean Garden

  • SILVERGILT Martyn Wilson, PGB/ RSPCA The RSPCA Garden

  • SILVERGILT Thomas Hoblyn, The Boodles 'Best of British' Garden

  • SILVER Taina Suoni & Anne Hamilton, Cavernoma Society The Cavernoma on My Mind Garden

2023 All About Plants winners

  • GOLD Joe & Laura Carey, PGB/ Aspens The Talitha Arts Garden

  • GOLD Nicola Semple and Susan Begg, PGB/ Teapot Trust Teapot Trust: Elsewhere Garden

  • SILVERGILT Camellia Taylor, PGB/ Aspens The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens

  • SILVERGILT Harry Holding, PGB/ School Food Matters The School Food Matters Garden

  • SILVERGILT Jane Porter, PGB/ Choose Love Choose Love Garden

  • SILVER Alexa Ryan-Mills, PGB/ Sadlers

  • Wells The Sadler's Wells East Garden

2023 Balcony and Container Garden winners

  • GOLD Emma Tipping The St George 'Alight Here' Balcony Garden (BALCONY)

  • GOLD Rosemary Coldstream Feels Like Home (CONTAINER)

  • SILVER GILT Katherine Holland Garden Design The Folio Society's Reading Room Garden (BALCONY)

  • SILVER GILT Christina Cobb The Restorative Balcony Garden sponsored by Viking (BALCONY) SILVER GILT Amelia Bouquet and Emilie Bausager The Platform Garden (CONTAINER)

  • SILVER GILT Joanne Edmonds and Camilla Windsor-Clive The Hampden Stargardt Garden (CONTAINER)

  • SILVER GILT The Chelsea Gardener The Shifting Garden, by the Chelsea Gardener (CONTAINER)

  • SILVER Gini Denison-Pender, Philippa Craddock and Anna Garner The Doorstep Library Garden: Words Take You Places (BALCONY)

  • BRONZE Julie and Andrew Haylock The Mary Anning Space to Learn Garden (CONTAINER)

2023 House Plant winners

  • GOLD Geb & Green Steam.Clean.Plant.Repeat

  • GOLD Grow Tropicals GrowTropicals x Studio ATYPICAL: The Language of Plants

  • SILVERGILT Beards & Daisies Plant School – Planting the Future

  • SILVERGILT Tropical Plants UK (Nursery Opperman Plants Ltd) Keep Calm – Grow British

  • SILVER Botanical Boys Botanical Recharge

Below, take a look through some of the winners from past shows:

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2022: Best in Show

Best in Show 2022

Urquhart & hunt Landscape Design - A Rewilding Britain Landscape

Best Construction 2022 (Show Garden)

Sarah Eberle - MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the future

Best in Show Sanctuary Garden 2022

Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadows

Best Construction (Sanctuary Garden)

Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadow:

Best Balcony and Container Garden 2022

  • Jane Porter Gardens - The Still Garden

Best All About Plants Garden 2022

Charlie Hawkes - The Wilderness Foundation UK Garden

Best Houseplant Studio 2022

Malvern Garden Buildings Ltd - Planet Studio

Best Floral Window 2022

Jane Belcher - Theme I: Pollination

Best Floral Installation 2022

Dmitry Turcan - Theme IV: Tablescape

Chelsea Flower Show: The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Award

Brighter Blooms display of container grown Zantedeschia

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2022: Gold medal


  • Urquhart & Hunt Landscape Design - A Rewilding Britain Landscape

  • Crocus - The Mind Garden

  • Ruth Willmott Associates - The Morris & Co. Garden

  • Chris Beardshaw Ltd - The RNLI Garden

  • Sarah Eberle - MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future

  • Jo Perkins Design - The Meta Garden: Growing the Future


  • Sarasin and Partners / Jamie Butterworth - The Place2Be Securing Tomorrow Garden

  • Kate Gould Gardens - Out of the Shadows

  • Garden Club London - A Garden Sanctuary by Hamptons

  • Thomas Hoblyn Garden Design Ltd - Boodles Travel Garden


Jane Porter Gardens - The Still Garden


  • Charlie Hawkes - The Wilderness Foundation UK Garden

  • Smith-Williams Garden Design - The Core Arts Front Garden Revolution

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2022: Silver-gilt medal


  • Juliet Sargeant Gardens & Private Landscapes - The New Blue Peter Garden: Discover Soil

  • H. Miller Bros - Alder Hey Urban Foraging Station

  • Grow2Know - Hands Off Mangrove by Grow2Know


  • Roslings Manor Gardens - Connected, by EXANTE

  • The Body Shop - The Body Shop Garden

  • Kingston Maurward College - The Space Within

  • The PlantMan & Co - The Plantman's Ice Garden


  • It Will Grow - The Potting Balcony Garden sponsored by Viking

  • Cloud Gardener UK - The Cirrus Garden

  • Ann Treneman - Wild Kitchen Garden

  • Beatrice Tann - The Enchanted Rain Garden


  • Lottie Delamain Garden Design - A Textile Garden for Fashion Revolution

Chelsea Flower Show winners 2022: Silver medal


  • Paul Harvey-Brookes Associates - Brewin Dolphin Garden

  • Richard Miers Garden Design - The Perennial Garden 'With Love'

  • Cityscapes - The St Mungo's Putting Down Roots Garden

  • John Everiss Design - The RAF Benevolent Fund Garden


  • Catfoot Garden Designs - The SSAFA Garden, sponsored by the CCLA

  • Frederic Whyte Garden Design - The Stitchers' Garden


  • Tom Wilkes-Rios - The Blue Garden


  • Mallorca Garden Design - A Mediterranean Reflection


Pollyanna Wilkinson Garden Design - The Mothers for Mothers Garden

Chelsea Flower show winners 2022: Bronze medal


Switzerland Tourism - A Swiss Sanctuary


Alison Malouf - JAY DAY

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