Chef Frankie’s Cuisine by award-winning chef Frankie Ong opens 2nd outlet at Clementi

Chef Frankie’s Cuisine has been booming with business since its opening in Sep 2022. After the opening of their first outlet and its success, they subsequently opened a second outlet at Clementi in a span of 2 months.

Their sheer success is due to its award-winning chef, Frankie Ong, who has been the head chef of famous restaurants.

Chef Frankie's Cuisine 1

Thanks to its new opening at Block 603 Clementi West Street 1, netizens can now rejoice! Chef Frankie’s Cuisine has now been added to my list of must-try restaurants in the West.

The store serves up a spread of tze char dishes, featuring many unique dishes that are not commonly found in other tze char stores. Think Black Truffle & Sesame Pork Ribs, White Pepper Crab with Black Truffle and Teochew Chai Poh Kway Teow. Tze char has been a staple food for my family and I’ve been eating it all my life, but this is the first time I’ve heard of such dishes! No hints are given to guess Chef Frankie’s favourite ingredient because he seems to add premium black truffle in most of his dishes— what a really exquisite taste! 

Chef Frankie's Cuisine 2

Chef Frankie’s Cuisine’s first outlet at Holland Close is a literal boomtown during lunch hour. I don’t think a tissue packet is enough to chope a table anymore…

Chef Frankie's Cuisine 3

For bigger groups, they have prepared affordable sets at a cost of S$68. For 5 dishes, you get to customise your own selection from the menu, which comprises classic tze char dishes such as Assam Curry Fish Head, Claypot Braised Tofu and Crispy Cereal Prawn. You can choose from a selection that feeds about 5 pax at a very affordable price. For these prices, their popularity is warranted.

Chef Frankie's Cuisine 4

Their best dishes have to be the Assam Curry Fish Head and Curry Fish Head. Coated with a fragrant blanket of delicious curry gravy, the warm meat is seasoned with loads of onions and garlic. I can already taste it in my mouth!

For those that are eating alone, you can opt for their best-selling Chye Poh Hor Fun. Quoted by many that it is “very very good”, you won’t regret trying this.

Now open at the West, those that stay or work nearby would have lunch and dinner options easily available. Mai tu liao, quickly go get a table before others do!

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