Charmaine Fong wins big at CRHK Ultimate Song Chart Awards

3 Jan – Charmaine Fong recently became the big winner at the CRHK 2019's Ultimate Song Chart Awards.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer received two awards in the event broadcast by ViuTV - My Favourite Female Singer and My Favourite Song for "Human Language".

"Thank you to all those who voted for me," said Charmaine as she received her award. "I feel 2019 for me was a huge challenge, whether in life and creatively. No one knew how Hong Kong's future will be, but I have always reminded myself I had to bravely take every step forward in order to maintain my original intention in creating my music."

The singer also thanked all the musicians who worked with her on her album, and expressed hope for peace and joy to Hong Kong in 2020.

"I will continue to create and perform without fear, and write the kind of songs that I want," she added.

She also took to social media to express her gratitude to fans, saying, "Being a favorite singer of yours is a good New Year gift. 2019 had posed a great test for me and the Hong Kong people. Everyone knows that the prospects are a little bit like this, but I remind myself to be bold in taking every step to live up to my original intention of making music and writing."

(Photo source: Mingpao)