Celine Lefebvre Joins Yoox Net-a-porter as General Manager for Middle East

LONDON Celine Lefebvre will be joining Yoox Net-a-porter as general manager for the Middle East starting Tuesday.

She’s the founder of the consultancy firm Nomad Lux, which offers global strategy and business development in retail, luxury, beauty and fashion sectors in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

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Her clients include Korean cosmetic brands Cosrx, Banila Co, Clio, Medi-Peel, Neogen, D’Alba, as well as Aesop.

“The Middle East is a dynamic, high-growth region, and there is a great opportunity for us to continue to evolve and refine our service and product offer to a local clientele. We are excited to welcome Celine to the business,” said Alison Loehnis, ad interim chief executive officer of Yoox Net-a-porter.

“She is an accomplished leader and, with her wealth of international experience and deep understanding of the luxury customer, she is well placed to drive forward our business strategy and ambitious growth plans,” she added.

Lefebvre will be responsible for optimizing customer experience, deepening localization and honing curated services and product offers for local customers.

During Net-a-porter’s fall 2023 seasonal trends presentation in London, market director Libby Page laid bare the retailer’s priorities.

Page said the team at Net has “one main objective: engage our EICs. These extremely important customers — VIPs if you prefer — are our highest spending customers. They are loyal, and they love fashion. And while they only make up 3 percent of our customer base, they account for over 40 percent of our sales.”

“We plan to keep growing by making sure that these customers invest more in their wardrobe, and by making sure any new customers we draw in make really considered purchases. EICs are also set to be the most robust consumer group over the coming years. Making sure we keep them excited and satisfied with every aspect of our brand has never been more important,” Page added.

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