Candy Lo sends blessings to ex-husband on new marriage

2 Mar – Candy Lo recently congratulated ex-husband, businessman Roger Lau for his recent marriage to his girlfriend of two years, Yvonne.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who was contacted by the media to respond to the news, stated that she hasn't been in contact with her ex-husband for a long time, but that she will give him her blessings.

"Our son Jonathan has told him to remarry before. I hope that friends and people that I know will be happy for him too," she added.

Candy stated that their three sons didn't attend the wedding. Second son Jordan is currently studying in the United States, while Nathan and Jonathan have their own reasons for not going.

"It was up to them whether they wanted to go or not, and in the end they chose not to attend. I didn't force them. After all, Nathan is 23. He has his own opinion," she added.

Asked if she herself has any plans to tie the knot after being single for seven years, Candy smiled and said, "I have been busy taking care of my sons. I just want them to finish their studies now. I am not thinking about anything else."

Candy said Jordan will be graduating from college in May, and that she plans to attend the ceremony with her other sons.

Candy and Roger were together for 17 years before they ended their marriage in 2013.

(Photo Source: Candy Lo Instagram)