Candy Lo chooses sons over love life

8 Mar – Hong Kong actress Candy Lo recently admitted that she is no longer dating her wealthy boyfriend, known only as Mr. J.

As reported on Mingpao, the 52-year-old single mother of three, shared recently that she has decided to sacrifice her own love life for the sake of her three sons, especially her youngest, nine-year-old Jonathan.

"[Mr. J] did ask me to marry him before, but I said no, so now we are back to just being friends," she said.

When asked why, Candy stated that she has a heavy responsibility of not only taking care of her children, but to also pay for their school tuition.

"The cost of living is really making me breathless. I have decided to sacrifice my love life so that I could focus on work [to make money]," she said.

When asked if her ex-husband Roger Lau helped at all in paying for their children's education, Candy stated that he does help, though it is not enough.

On the other hand, when asked about the criticisms regarding her love life, Candy said that people should not discriminate based on her age, and that she had also tried her best to keep her previous relationship from being too high-profile.

(Photo Source: Candy Lo Facebook)