Canadian influencer Roxy Earle encourages fashion for your budget: 'You don't need to be embarrassed'

The Toronto-based mom-of-two shared a new fashion tip to look — and feel — your best.

"Real Housewives of Toronto" alum Roxy Earle urges followers to embrace budget-friendly fashion over worrying about designer labels. (Photo via Instagram/@luxuriousroxy)
"Real Housewives of Toronto" alum Roxy Earle urges followers to embrace budget-friendly fashion over worrying about designer labels. (Photo via Instagram/@luxuriousroxy)

Roxy Earle is sharing an empowering message about embracing fashion that pertains to your personal budget. In a recent Instagram Reel, the former "Real Housewives of Toronto" star urged her followers not to feel embarrassed about wearing affordable, non-designer clothes.

The 40-year-old influencer pointed out there's no need to disclose what brands you wear, adding that fashion and style is about how you wear something, not necessarily where it's from. She encouraged fans to mix "cool pieces" with more affordable ones to create a trendy look at a lower cost.

"It doesn't matter where the top is from. If it fits you well, if it's in your budget, style it with cool pieces and nobody needs to know the details," the mom-of-two shared in the clip, while wearing a pair of light blue straight leg jeans, a pale yellow cropped cardigan and a pair of white block heel sandals.

"You don't need to be embarrassed by that kind of stuff. You're not out there sharing every label you're wearing. I'm here to unlock the secrets: Fashionistas are wearing high, low, high, low," she added.

"Sometimes it's just about fit and affordability," read the post's caption, which was shared on the Instagram account for Earle's new fashion app Styledial. In the comments section of the post, people expressed their appreciation for Earle's comments.

"Yes, embrace clothes you love and fit you well!" one person shared.

"Yes to all of this," another added, alongside a red heart emoji.

"I wear [Joe Fresh] and I proudly announce it to whomever may care," someone wrote. "Not sure when buying sensible, well-priced clothing became something we need to not mention."

This isn't the first time Earle has made candid, empowering comments. Just earlier this month, at the red carpet of the premiere of the "I Am: Celine Dion" documentary, she shared another powerful message about authenticity and self-acceptance.

"When you are yourself, people come for you. But you're rock solid, you're bulletproof, because you're just being you, right? When you tell your truth, I find it so freeing," she shared to a reporter. "Following your truth is so empowering, and then other people are so empowered by that."

In July 2023, Earle shared a photo of herself with her Instagram followers, posing in front of a pink backdrop, in a black long-sleeve maxi dress with a square neckline.

In the caption, Earle reflected on how proud of herself she is for starting over at 36 years old and focusing on recovering "mentally, emotionally and financially." That followed years of feeling like she wassn't enough.

"I was totally broken from years of deceit and emotional turmoil," Earle shared, "never being enough simply because of my size. ... It took so much courage to start over. But I did it. I worked my a— off, I got smart with my income and endlessly risked reinvesting into the one person I knew I could count on — myself!" Earle penned.

While the content creator admitted it's difficult for her to show "vulnerability," and despite potentially "over sharing," she insisted she is "living proof that you’re never done. Your life is everything you want it to be if you're willing to bet on you."

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