Business Style Coach Nikki Venus Teaches Women Across The Nation to Find Empowerment and Freedom Through The Business of Style

Most of us believe wholeheartedly in the concept of building a life around a ‘’traditionally accepted’’ corporate career of sorts while building a family on a cushy salary, owning a home, and finding satisfaction in the simplicity of an anonymous life story. While climbing said corporate ladder in risk assessment, Nikki Venus decided she was ditching the suits and bland office coffee for a life dedicated to empowering other women to find their voice, freedom, and confidence through personal style.

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Like many with an entrepreneurial objective, her journey took many twists and turns before landing on the ambitious concept of creating a virtual academy that taught women with a penchant for fashion styling the intricacies of turning fashion enthusiasm into a money-generating endeavor.

A self-proclaimed superwoman, Nikki founded Style Coach Academy®, a business hub for personal stylists and style coaches to access from the comfort of their electronic devices the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge on running a successful styling business, complete with marketing strategies, pricing systems, style methodology, client outreach, and onboarding, all within the structure of a virtual community of fellow style coaches & personal stylists to learn alongside.

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With the catchphrase ‘’Stand in Your DOPENESS’’, Nikki promises to accompany her program members by creating style frameworks within their personal styling businesses and implementing her proven methods to increase brand visibility and reach 4-figure revenue months.

The suggested elements of a personal styling business model within Style Coach Academy® come directly from Nikki’s unique experience as a style coach, having grown a consistent business of her own in a little over two years.

From conceptualizing to implementing and maintaining her expanding fashion realm, Nikki has demonstrated she is a Jack of all Trades, wearing many hats and being continuously in high demand from her program members, team, buzzing social media platforms, brand collaborations, upcoming projects, promotional opportunities and much more.

In the age of technology and virtual learning, the boundaries continue to be pushed, and the landscape of education is transforming at a mind-boggling pace. Still, fashion styling training remains a market of majorly untapped potential, which inspired Nikki to champion a new approach to the business of style and create a model that works for clients Style Stage™ vs. the traditional list of styling services.

A relentless advocate for personal development, Nikki has built a substantial social media community, that are not only drawn to her entrepreneurial spirit and growing fashion empire but also her bright personality and sisterly brand voice that uplifts with content that touches on overcoming fear, the power within each of us and how to achieve one’s full potential in business as well as in life.

Diving into the creation of Style Coach Academy®, Nikki knew there was high demand and a large community of personal stylists and style coaches in search of the kind of ongoing training she now provides. Embracing each obstacle of the growth process as a learning opportunity, Nikki focused on building genuine connections with the fashion community on social media platforms and becoming their ‘’stylish big sister’’ that pushes their boundaries as her unique method of bringing out the very best in them.

Getting her start as a boutique owner, Nikki recognized the changes happening within the fashion sphere with the rapid growth of influencer marketing and entrepreneurship taking the lead. She realized the vision she had kept buried under piles of corporate assignments was not a throw-away idea after all.

With the profound determination and ambition that characterize her, Nikki keeps her sights on the horizon for the next big step to take in the pursuit of creating opportunities for aspiring fashion creatives. Actively involved in communicating with her audience, she is fully immersed in ongoing market research, building a team to support her endeavors, and implementing new systems and strategies to continue her consistent path to the top.

Perhaps her audience appreciates the most, aside from her no-nonsense preferred method of expression, is her candidness about the ongoing search for balance with her demanding entrepreneurship and personal development, motherhood, marriage, and family life.

The messages behind her content online and the general takeaways from her endeavors revolve around the notions of hope and self-confidence. An example of how to tune out outside expectations and focus on one’s unique purpose, Nikki demonstrates through her consistent passion and dedication that true professional and personal satisfaction are always within reach if we concentrate on our unique path, are willing to leap with faith, and keep optimism at the center of each learning opportunity.