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BTS concert and documentary to stream on Disney+

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Big Hit Entertainment, the management label of South Korean K-Pop group BTS.
Big Hit Entertainment, the management label of South Korean K-Pop group BTS.

BTS announced on Tuesday (12 July) that their concert Permission To Dance On Stage — LA and their documentary BTS Monuments: Beyond The Stars will be coming to Disney+.

In their video message uploaded on Disney+’s Instagram, BTS revealed that their recent concert in Los Angeles will “soon be available” on the streaming platform. Their documentary series, which will be available “sometime next year”, will “show a more up close and personal side” of them. It will “take you on a journey of how [they] have grown in the past years and a story of [their] music.”

Although BTS has temporarily suspended their group activities to focus on solo projects after releasing their new album Proof, they continue to keep their fans entertained with surprise announcements like this.

As we wait for their concert and documentary to be available, binge-watch these Korean shows on Disney+ first!

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