Sistar’s Dasom and 4Minute’s Hyuna like Singapore’s kaya toast

Peace Chiu
Singapore Showbiz

Sistar's Dasom prepares kaya toast for a food challenge. (Screengrab of YouTube video)

Almost every K-pop star visiting Singapore raves about the chili crab, but now they appear to have something else to gush about.

In the Late Night Cafeteria segment of a recent episode of Korean TV show “Happy Together”, guests, including members from Sistar, 4Minute and Super Junior, were tasked to create the best dishes with minimum cost and time.

So Sistar’s Dasom chose to prepare kaya toast, which she told the hosts, judges and guests was “eaten as a dessert” in Singapore and which she particularly enjoyed having.

When 4Minute’s Hyuna heard that, she immediately exclaimed, adding that members of the K-pop group love the snack too.

Dasom and Hyuna are big fans of Singapore's kaya toast. (Screengrab from YouTube video)

Dasom also explained how to make the dish, which involved spreading kaya, which is made of coconut milk, on a piece of toast and putting a piece of butter between two pieces of toasts.

Again showing how she’s a big fan of the local tidbit, the excited Hyuna chimed in, suggesting that one can add cheese to kaya toast.

One of the judges, host Yoo Jae-suk, then tasted the dish and declared it was “really good” and “sweet and savoury” at the same time.

Other guests, such as Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Super Junior M’s Henry, all looked on with envy at the hosts, demanding that they get to try a bite of the Singaporean snack too.

Check out the video from 57:25 to find out whether the kaya toast made by Dasom won the challenge:

So K-pop fans, now you know where to hang out when your favourite bands tour Singapore.

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