Singaporean-Korean girl group Skarf teases with ‘Oh! Dance’

Elizabeth Soh
Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz

SG-Korean girl group SKARF to debut soon (Photo courtesy of Alpha Entertainment)

Meet SKARF, the first ever Singaporean-Korean girl group.

Consisting of two Singaporeans and two Koreans, the four-member pop quartet released a teaser trailer to their debut song "Oh! Dance" last week just ahead of their debut here next Tuesday.

The 15-second trailer shows the girls, dressed in virginal white, standing on a flower-filled forest shrine. White curtains billow and sway, offering just sneak peeks at their faces.

Jenny and Sol are the Korean half of the group, and representing Singapore are Tasha and Ferlyn.

Separate "personal trailers" down below give a better idea of what to expect from the girls.

SKARF - Clockwise L-R Ferlyn, Natasha, Sol, and Jenny (Youtube collage)

SKARF has been marketed in Korea using the "pure idol" concept wherein members appeal with sweet, demure, and girlish looks rather than the more sexy and smoky pop concept that is currently all the rage.

According to Korean media reports, the name "SKARF" was meant to represent Singaporean members with its "S" and Korean members with its "K".

As for why they chose a scarf as the inspiration, a representative from Alpha Ent said that it was a universal fashion item that appeals to everyone -- something the group aspires to do.

Their debut track Oh! Dance has been described as being an "emotional" dance track with a fresh sound produced by well-known pop mavens Jung Yeob and Eco Bridge.

Watch the teaser trailer here:

The two Singaporeans in the group are Ferlyn Wong, 20, and Natasha Low, 19.

Ferlyn, now known as "Gi-Eun", and Natasha, renamed "Tasha", both appear in the trailer with completely new looks.

Ferlyn sports platinum blonde hair and an asymmetrical fringe, in a 360 degree turn from her previously plainer and more down to earth self.

Natasha, on the other hand, appears with a sleek, long ponytail and fresh-faced look.

See Ferlyn/Gi Eun's personal trailer:

See Natasha / Tasha's personal trailer:

Ferlyn, Natasha and Elaine Wong beat more than 3,000 other hopefuls in 2010 to emerge tops in a mass audition held by Korean talent management agency JYP Entertainment and local company Alpha Entertainment.

Elaine dropped out of the group earlier this year, citing her ill health and personal issues as affecting her training and development as an artiste.

The single is slated to be released on various digital music sites on 14 August.

What do you think of SKARF representing Singapore on the international K-pop scene?