New Sesame Street ride at Universal Studios Singapore

Shah Salimat
Going Out – By Day

The new Sesame Street ride opens to the public on March 1. (Yahoo! photo)

If you've got fond memories of Sesame Street or are just a big fan of the characters, this one's for you.

Media were given a sneak peek into the new theme park ride at Universal Studios Singapore, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, on Monday morning.

Guests on-board rocket capsules will be transported to a zany science-fiction plot where characters such as Elmo and Grover have to prevent three new villains from stealing all the spaghetti and noodles on Earth.

The ride, which lasts about seven minutes, takes guests on-board each rocket capsule through the familiar sights of New York City, as the capsule weaves down Sesame Street and guests meet beloved characters such as Oscar the Grouch and Count Dracula.

Try not to blink as you are navigating the course – some 7,500 stars made out of optical fibre will illuminate the cavernous tunnel throughout the ride.

The ride brings you to a new zany universe where Sesame Street characters must prevent villains from stealing all the spaghetti and noodles on Earth. (Yahoo! photo)

Director of park operations Brian Machamer said talks to set up the ride began two years back. Executive design director Kevin Barbee said spaghetti was chosen as a main ride concept as it references to the Italian immigrants of New York City, in which the show originates, but “relates well to the Asian culture” as it is a type of noodle.

The ride opens to the public on March 1 but is currently undergoing final rehearsals.

According to organisers, this means the public will be able to board the ride during selected times as determined by staff, before the official opening.