Barbie Hsu loses 10kg in a month?

11 Jan – Barbie Hsu's husband and businessman Wang Xiaofei recently revealed that the actress has successfully shed all the extra weight from her body in just one month.

As reported on NDTV, the businessman, who admitted to be amazed by his wife's determination, shared that Barbie, who previously let go of her diet following her two pregnancies, recently started going on a tight diet and exercise regimen and had since lost 10 kg in just 30 days.

According to Wang, Barbie has abstained herself from fast food, and only eats breakfast and lunch. In addition, the two meals are put together by a nutritionist to ensure that she has the right nutrients and supplements for her body.

Her meals, said Wang, consists of a quarter of a dragonfruit for breakfast, followed by two slices of meat and two bowls of blanched vegetables for lunch.

To top it off, Barbie would also have pilates and yoga lessons twice weekly, and other fitness classes once a week.

"My mother-in-law once told me that when my wife wants to do something, no one can stop her. I realised now how assertive she is. She lost 10kg in just one month. She really is amazing," wrote Wang.

Back in June last year, Barbie snapped when asked why she has yet to shed her pregnancy weight after giving birth to her second child. She stated that she would not force herself to regain her old body after experiencing heart problems because of her previous dieting.

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Weibo)