Azharina denies lying to Dato' Ramli MS



6 Dec – Azharina recently addressed allegations that she lied to Dato' Ramli MS when she claimed to have never performed the song "La Bamba" prior to her performance on "All Stars Gegar Vaganza" in the previous week.

The singer, whose past performance of the song was made viral on social media by a netizen, with others accusing her of deceiving the music director, stated that she wasn't lying because she didn't remember ever performing it.

"If you were in my position, when you're being asked lots of questions, would you still remember it? Of course not. I didn't remember ever singing it," she said.

Azharina, or known as Nina by her fans, stated that she was asked if she had ever performed the song during a dinner event, to which she answered no because she didn't remember it ever happening.

"That busking performance [that went viral] was done on the streets around seven years ago. I was asked to sing La Bamba spontaneously, so of course the result was chaotic," she said.

Azharina stated that she has spoken to her lawyers about the issue, and that she has gathered all evidence if she is to file a lawsuit.


The singer made it to the finals of 'All Stars Gegar Vaganza'
The singer made it to the finals of 'All Stars Gegar Vaganza'


(Photo Source: Azharina IG)