Ayu Damit welcomes her fourth child

4 Dec - Ayu Damit has recently given birth to her fourth child.

The singer and "Gegar Vaganza" alumna shared the good news on 2 December with a photo partially showing her newborn's face.

She wrote, "Praise be to God. On 2 December at 1.21 in the morning, I have given birth to a baby girl. Thank you for all the prayers from our family and friends."

She also addressed her husband, Syed Fauzi, writing, "Our anniversary gift for this month."

 The little princess arrived early
The little princess arrived early

Speaking to the media after the news, Ayu said that she was actually scheduled to give birth on 19 December.

"On 1 December, I was out having a meal when I felt pain, especially on my right leg. When I went for treatment, I was admitted as there is already an opening," she said.

However, Ayu said that all is well with both her and her baby.

The singer, who tied the knot with her husband in 2009, is mum to sons Syed Nashrul Haikal, 14 and Syed Aqif Najmi, 8, as well as daughter Sharifah Alya Aryana, 11.

(Photo Source: Ayu Damit IG)