Antoni Porowski Reveals His 'Trashy' Late-night Room Service Order — Even if He's in a Paris Hotel

Even a culinary expert has a guilty pleasure.

Antoni Porowski may be the food and wine expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, but it turns out his travel cravings are a bit simpler than what his TV title may convey.

"I love my chicken tenders with ketchup sometimes," Porowski told Travel + Leisure in a recent interview. "If you're like, 'I love Paris' and you get to your hotel room at one o'clock in the morning, you want to be able to get something a little trashy like chicken tenders."

Contrarily, he told T+L that he loves the upscale vibe of a hotel.

"When [hotels] try to emphasize the 'welcome home' aspect, I feel like that's just not it. I'm not at home," he said. "Everything is a lot sloppier [at home] so I try to lean into the luxe components of being in a hotel,” he added.

However, he admits, he doesn’t like too much attention while enjoying his stay.

“I am not going to pretend that I don't like nice things but at the same time when I feel like I'm being served and someone's checking up on me every five minutes it's kind of intimidating and makes me a little uncomfortable,” he said.

His non-negotiables for a perfect stay? Air conditioning and a good mattress for a good night's sleep, along with chamomile tea from Davids Tea, which he referred to as his "ride or die."

The Canadian native, who said he can't help but support a Canadian brand like Davids, recently partnered with the tea company, but he’s been a fan and customer for years.

<p>Courtesy of David's Tea</p> Antoni Porowski

Courtesy of David's Tea

Antoni Porowski

“Anything that is part of that nighttime ritual — either when I'm at home or when I'm traveling, filming, or just vacationing — I love anything that just reminds me like, ‘Okay, it's time to go to bed again,’” he said of his tea routine.

As someone who frequently travels for work, with an eye for food, he is often hitting up the finest restaurants in cities all over the world, but if he is in the Caribbean or the south he likes to rent a house, explore the local markets, and make big breakfasts for friends. Or, if he is in his favorite place, Italy, he is hitting up Campo de' Fiori in Rome — a famous market — for wild strawberries and other great produce selections.

"If I'm going somewhere [like] a small island [and] there aren't as many restaurants, I'm much more likely to do a Vrbo rental or rent a house and, you know, arrange for groceries and cook and just keep it really nice and simple," he said. "But I think it's all about the vibe and the people that you go with. I love making breakfast for everybody."

But that may or may not be because he's a bit particular about his eggs

"The hardest thing is to get perfectly soft scrambled eggs...that's my pet peeve, when they're overdone," he said.

When it comes to future travels, the TV star and cookbook author told T+L that his sights are set on multiple places including Croatia, India, and an adventurous Japan trip.

"I’m due for like a long hiking trip," he said. "And I heard that in Japan in between Tokyo and Kyoto there's like hundreds and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails where you can stay in these shrines overnight and then you hike during the day in the forest, and then you stop again and then you have a Japanese breakfast and you continue. So that's been on my mind as well."

"I'm sure I'll be planning something wild soon," he said.

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