Anson Lo reveals hard work behind action scenes in Showbiz Spy’s making-of

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Mirror’s Anson Lo reveals the hard work behind filming action scenes in Showbiz Spy’s making-of. (Screenshot: YouTube)
Mirror’s Anson Lo reveals the hard work behind filming action scenes in Showbiz Spy’s making-of. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Following the release of Showbiz Spy in Hong Kong last month, Cantopop boy band Mirror’s Anson Lo shared a 16-minute behind-the-scenes vlog on his YouTube channel.

As Showbiz Spy — Lo’s silver screen debut film — required action scenes, the relatively new and young actor had to undergo rigorous training. The making-of shows Lo doing cartwheels and throwing punches, nothing he would ordinarily do.

When he was asked how it felt like to hit someone, Lo cheekily replied, “I haven’t tried it before. I’m a civilised person.”

His action training instructor Ken Law was also impressed that Lo did well as a first-timer. He affirmed that Lo definitely has the potential to become an action star.

Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tam, who worked with Lo for the first time in Showbiz Spy, described the budding actor as “fast, handsome, amazing”. He explained that Lo is a quick learner and has obviously attractive looks. Lo, who cross-dresses in the movie, will continue to awe everyone with more different and interesting performances.

Lo also revealed that his arms were sore and red from all the action scenes, which involved actual fighting to make them more realistic. He even tore his leg muscle during training. Nonetheless, his athletic ability, perseverance and hard work rewarded him with carrying out a kip-up in one take.

In one of the most nerve-racking scenes, Lo had to smash actual glass bottles on Law’s head, and reflected that he felt like he committed a sin. The action training instructor, on the other hand, consoled him, saying that he was not hurt at all, and said that it was the bread and butter of filming.

It is only through such revelations that we, as the audience, can better appreciate all the unseen blood, sweat and tears that happened behind the scenes. I shudder to think how much more established Hong Kong action stars like Jackie Chan had sacrificed for the sake of entertainment.

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