Anson Lo joins cast of Hong Kong zombie film Chungking Mansions

Mirror's Anson Lo. (Photo: Instagram/ansonlht)
Mirror's Anson Lo. (Photo: Instagram/ansonlht)

It has been confirmed recently that Cantopop boy band Mirror’s Anson Lo will be joining the cast of the Hong Kong zombie film Chungking Mansions.

He will be part of the star-studded Asian cast, which includes Singaporean actors Desmond Tan (Code Of Law) and Rebecca Lim (C.L.I.F. 5), Korean actors Choi Si-hun (Single’s Inferno) and Go Joon-hee (She Was Pretty), Japanese action star Rina Takeda (Attack On Titan), Thai actress Davika Hoorne (Pee Mak), Hong Kong-Canadian actresses Selena Lee (Forensic Heroes IV) and Jeannie Chan (Cold War), and Hong Kong actor Louis Cheung (P Storm).

Touted as the biggest zombie film in Hong Kong cinema history, Chungking Mansions follows a diverse group of people that break into the Chungking Mansions building to survive a zombie apocalypse in the city.

The maze-like building, which gained wider recognition through Wong Kar-wai’s 1994 movie Chungking Express, is seen as a cultural melting pot in the predominantly Chinese city, as it houses a variety of shops and services catering to different ethnic groups, in addition to residential units.

Helmed by British producer Bizhan Tong (Lockdown, The Escort), Chungking Mansions will mainly be filmed in English and will feature other languages like Cantonese, Japanese, and Korean to reflect the multi-cultural nature of the production and the building itself.

Although Lo started his career as a singer, releasing solo hits like Megahit and Mr Stranger, he has been venturing into the acting sphere. He previously starred in the Hong Kong remake of the Japanese boys’ love drama Ossans’ Love, and more recently in the Hong Kong comedy film Showbiz Spy.

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