Angelica Ross Says Ryan Murphy Ignored Her After Accepting 'American Horror Story' Pitch

Angelica Ross catapulted to fame on “Pose” and “American Horror Story,” but she says her behind-the-scenes experiences with Ryan Murphy, who created both of those acclaimed shows, has been considerably less than glowing since then.

On Monday, the actor shared a screenshot of an email that Murphy had purportedly sent to her in 2020, saying he’d decided to move forward with her idea for a new season of “American Horror Story” featuring an all-Black female cast.

“Not sure of the story yet, but we will start a writers room in the fall,” the email read, before suggesting Ross, who is transgender, as one of the series’ principal stars, along with actor Keke Palmer.

Ross continued her missive in a TikTok video containing more screenshots of her alleged exchange with Murphy, a six-time Emmy winner. In a February 2022 email, she asked for producing duties, noting: “I think I could add a lot to the table in the overall storyline if we are still looking to do a Black lead cast.”

Ross said Murphy never responded to that email. In the interim, she claims she lost out on an opportunity for a Marvel project after three years of auditions.

“It’s not JUST that the idea changed. Things change all the time,” she wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “It’s that I called business affairs for MONTHS trying to get clarity if they were picking up my contract option or if I was ok to tell Marvel that I was available for whatever they were calling me for.”

As of Thursday, Murphy had not responded publicly to Ross’ claims. HuffPost reached out to a representative for the writer-producer, but did not immediately hear back.

Ross’ allegations against Murphy arrived one day before she took aim at actor Emma Roberts, who has starred in several seasons of “American Horror Story.”

On Tuesday, Ross accused Roberts of intentionally misgendering her when the two were shooting Season 9 of the anthology series, which was subtitled “1984.” A day after the actor made the claim, she thanked Roberts for calling her privately with an apology.

Since her last appearance on “American Horror Story” in 2021, Ross has been focused on non-television projects. Last year, she made her Broadway debut in “Chicago” in the lead role of Roxie Hart.

By Thursday, the actor hinted that she might be pursuing a different profession, perhaps away from the spotlight, moving forward.

“For the folks who haven’t put it together yet, I’m ‘leaving Hollywood,’” she wrote. “There are multiple articles that will be coming out detailing this. So I suggest you and your faves play nice, cuz I’m a Black trans woman with nothing to lose. Candy was born from my body.”