Angela Chang on issues with parents: Time will tell!

18 Jun – Taiwanese singer Angela Chang recently gave her first response to allegations that she was being unfilial to her parents.

As reported on World Journal, the singer who was accused by her uncle of not fulfilling her contract to provide her parents with housing and living expenses, recently addressed the allegations at the press conference of her concert in Shanghai.

"I have kept my silence for a long time. Ultimately, time will tell everything. It will give me the best justification and let me heal from it," she said.

Angela stated that it is normal for people to face issues from time to time, but it will be fine as long as they solve it.

"I always maintain a clear conscience. Communication is very important," she added.

At the same time, the singer also expressed her gratitude to her fans who continuously showed support for her despite the trying times.

(Photo Source: Angela Chang Instagram)