Andy Lau is "most charming" to HK cinematographers

13 Mar – Andy Lau has recently been named one of the most Charming Actors in the eyes of photographers at the 30th anniversary event of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor who appeared at the event recently, said humbly, "There are a lot of attractive male artistes in Hong Kong. I am just one of them. They are just giving me face."

When asked what he thinks of himself when he looks in the mirror, Andy joked, "I see a handsome guy."

As to who he thinks is the most attractive female artistes, Andy named Fan Bingbing, who also won a similar honour at the event.

But he then added, "Other than that, I would say Idy Chan. I have a soft spot for her."

Andy previously worked with Idy in the 1983 adaptation of "The Return of the Condor Heroes", in which he played the role of Yang Guo and Idy played Little Dragon Girl.

In a previous interview, he admitted to have a crush on the actress while working on the drama together.