Andy Lau happy with "Shock Wave" box office success

5 May - Hong Kong actor Andy Lau is excited about the success of his new movie, "Shock Wave" at the box office, which exceeded the HKD 300 million mark.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke on the phone with the media about the box office performance said, "Thank you to everybody. A lot of people behind the scenes have been helping me promote the movie. Director Herman Yau, thank you. In the future, I will double your money back."

Andy also added that he is overwhelmed by the success of the movie, saying, "To have such a happy ending for all of our hard work, I don't know what to say. Thank you all for supporting the movie."

He added joyfully that they should start shooting the second movie.

"Shock Wave", produced by Andy Lau and starred the Hong Kong superstar himself, revolves around the Hong Kong Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau (EOD). It co-stars Jiang Wu, Ron Ng, Philip Keung and Babyjohn Choi.