Andy Lau and Aamir Khan finally meet each other

17 Apr - Hong Kong fans went wild recently when the currently reigning King of Bollywood, Aamir Khan met with Cantopop Heavenly King Andy Lau.

As reported on Mingpao, Aamir, who was in Hong Kong to promote his movie, "Secret Superstar" recently, shared that he was honoured that the Hong Kong media dubbed him as "India's Andy Lau", saying that he was a fan of Andy's movie, "Infernal Affairs".

Andy responded, "Aamir started as a child star as early as 1973. It was much earlier than when I started. I should be the one being called, "Hong Kong's Aamir Khan" instead."

When asked whether there is a chance for them to collaborate in a movie together, Aamir and Andy stated that they are both busy with work for the time being - Aamir is soon to begin filming his new movie, while Andy is currently prepping up for his concert.

"But yes, we look forward to the opportunity of working together, if there is a good script," they said.

When a reporter proposed that they should record a song together, Aamir laughed and said that he is not a good singer.

"Me too," Andy added with a laugh.

"Andy can sing and I can be the backup singer. I can dance," said Aamir, who then added, "I do believe that there is a lot of talent both in Hong Kong and India. It would be really wonderful if we can work together."

It is noted that Aamir was originally slated to work with Jackie Chan in the Sino-Indian film, "Kung Fu Yoga" two years ago, but withdrew from the movie eventually due to scheduling conflict.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)