Andi Eigenmann slams people dumping trash at beach

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20 Jul – Andi Eigenmann recently took to social media to express her anger and frustration over irresponsible visitors who left their trash all over her beloved island.

On 18 July, the actress posted a photo she took of garbage that include liquor bottles, cans, and mineral water bottles left willy-nilly, and wrote, "The least you could do is be mindful enough to take [your] leftover [alcohol, snacks and trash] with you after you enjoy a fun night of [drinking] at the beach," she said.

She continued on another post, "Or did you expect our sea patrol kids to be the one to pick up after your trash?"

It is noted that Andi has been living in Siargao for many years now, and has built a family on the island with fiancé, Philmaer Alipayo and their children Lilo and Koa, and well as Ellie, her daughter from a previous relationship.

Prior to her said post, Andi has been sharing photos from her trip to Bali, Indonesia, and shared that she has learned to make some local Indonesian food including nasi goreng and sambal matah.

Andi learns to cook Indonesian food in Bali
Andi learns to cook Indonesian food in Bali

(Photo Source: Andi Eigenmann Instagram)

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