Ain Edruce opens up about her miscarriage

24 Apr - Ain Edruce recently revealed that she was actually pregnant for the second time, though unfortunately, it did not last.

Opening up for the first time about her experience via a video on social media, Ain shared that the pain from miscarriage is worse than childbirth itself.

"I was bleeding non-stop from home to the emergency ward. I have never felt such a pain in my life. Even the strongest painkiller couldn't surpass the pain I felt at the time," she said.

Ain said that she even had to break the news to her three-year-old daughter Soraya, whom had been most elated over the thought of a sibling.

"Both of us were crying," she revealed. "Soraya told me, 'It's okay. Later Allah will give me a new sibling.' It was the most memorable Eid."

Ain, who tied the knot with husband Amirul Hafiz in September 2019, welcomed daughter Soraya in 2020.

The TV personality is a mother of one
The TV personality is a mother of one

(Photo Source: Ain Edruce IG)