'Agustina Anon Becomes a Icon'

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Agustina Anon, a recognized social media celebrity, was born on January 26, 1995, in Montevideo, Uruguay. She is a model, influencer, and singer with more than 3 million followers worldwide. Agustina started her YouTube channel in 2015 by joining the Latin America-based team, known as the “Dosogas Team.” The team has around 6 million followers on YouTube, regularly engaging viewers in videos, vlogs, pranks, and many more activities. Agustina successfully achieved 300k followership on her YouTube channel and 1 million Instagram followers in just 4 months between the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. Agustina Anon, with her team, performed at different musical shows in almost 15 countries worldwide. Growing fan following supported her in considerable earning, enabling her to stand among the best-paid girls and sign a contract with a leading agency, Unruly. Agustina also works as social media brand influence for multiple brands, including Bang Energy, Shein, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing and more. She has a vast audience base in the U.S; she and her team was nominated for Nickelodeon kids’ choice for the best YouTuber.

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Agustina Anon has the vision to grow professionally with every passing day. She always looks to create more quality content for her different social media accounts. She started her own exclusive page where she posted more quality content and artistry, she plans to launch her own bikini and lingerie line next year. Agustina’s philosophy about success and achievement is simple; she believes that individuals can achieve everything in life if they have motivation and courage. The embarrassment she experienced at the start of her business was the rude and disrespectful behavior of the individuals on social media, but it was just a start. She has learned the skill of interacting with the audience on social media with time, and she wants to use that skill to grow her business. The pandemic will not affect her business anymore as she is managing the work from home. This mode of working allows her to remain connected with the audience and potential customers.

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