Actress Rebecca Lim unfollows everyone on Instagram and other top lifestyle news to know

Rebecca Lim. (PHOTO: Ian Fung/Instagram)

By: Jade Yong

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Rebecca Lim unfollows everyone on Instagram after scandal

Much has happened after actors Ian Fang and Carrie Wong slid into each other’s DMs, and the scandalous text exchange leaked. Both actors have come out to apologise about their behaviour, and Mediacorp has even released a statement. In a latest twist, top social media influencer and actress Rebecca Lim - who is rumoured to be Fang’s long time girlfriend - has now unfollowed everyone on Instagram.

First look at gay Batwoman coming to TV screens

CW has given the world a peek at the upcoming Batwoman series that stars Australian Ruby Rose as the lead character. She plays an out gay woman with a lot of sass and attitude, who is also cousin to Bruce Wayne, who takes on the role of Batwoman. Watch the trailer here.

Cast of Big Bang Theory celebrate bittersweet ending to the show

Big Bang Theory has been running for 12 seasons now, with fans of the long-running show poignantly celebrating the end of an era alongside their fave characters. Members of the cast has taken to social media to express their emotions and pay tribute to the experiences had and relationships fostered through the show.

Rivals Sony and Microsoft team up for gamers’ sake

Game console rivals Microsoft and Sony have been in competition for a long time, and yet yesterday they announced an alliance on their cloud platforms to improve user experience when it comes to streaming entertainment.

Burberry shuts 38 stores worldwide

Burberry has seen their profits flatline for awhile now, so naturally, like many other retailers around the world, the brand decides it’s time for some restructuring. Yesterday, CEO Marco Gobbeti announces that a part of their strategy to regain market share is to shut 38 stores so they may focus on the stores in other key central locations.