AC Mizal's son Reeve Damien to study abroad



19 Sep – Dato' AC Mizal is one proud father, as he revealed that his son Muhammad Reeve Damian will be pursuing his studies abroad.

On 17 September, the former 4U2C member-turned-entrepreneur reposted a message written by wife Emylia Rosnaida, who expressed, "Life is a wonderful gift to all of us from Allah. It has to be always lived in joy [and] happiness and also in spreading the same to others. It also teaches us many useful lessons from time to time. I too have learnt many such lessons in my life."

"Many a times in hindsight, I think, "I wish, someone had told me these lessons much earlier in my life when I was of your age or may be even younger". And that is why, soon when you are traveling abroad for your higher education, I thought to share some of these lessons with you. I am sure that these lessons will help you in your life as they have helped me in mine, in living life full of joy and bliss. All the best to u Abang @reevedamien make us proud with ur Degree .. We love you so much."

She also shared in another post, "I always knew you would go to big places, my prince. You deserve all the success in this world. I hope you have a great student life abroad."

According to media reports, Damien will be continuing his studies in Berlin.

Damien is the son of AC with actress Emylia, whom he married in 2002. They also have a daughter, Fea Eryssa, 15. AC also has two other sons with ex-wife Shafnie Zainuddin.


Damien is the son of AC with actress Emylia Rosnaida
Damien is the son of AC with actress Emylia Rosnaida


(Photo Source: Emylia Rosnaida IG)