4 Ways To Brighten Up Your Skin Instantly

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Everybody wants a bright, healthy and natural glow to their complexion. But if your skin steers towards the dull side, fear not – help is here. Check out our tips on how you can brighten up your skin instantly.

1. Out with the old, in with the new
One of the reasons for dull skin? Dead skin cells accumulating on your skin’s surface, which prevents new skin from showing through. To get rid of dead skin cells, exfoliation is key. This essential step in your skincare routine helps to slough off dead skin cells instantly so your skin appears brighter and healthier.

For daily gentle exfoliation, you can try using a washcloth daily. Be careful not to scrub too hard as this can aggravate skin, especially sensitive and acne-prone skin. Look for soft and smooth granules as these are gentle on your skin and pick ingredients like alpha and beta hydroxyl acids to further enhance your exfoliation step. When using your exfoliator, rub your fingers in small and gentle circles. Stay clear from the delicate eye area and always remember to moisturize after exfoliating.

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2. A little makeup helps
We all know that makeup can do wonders… and in the case of brightening your skin, it’s just what you need. The trade secret in brightening your skin with makeup? Using a highlighter. This illuminating product is what celebrities and makeup artists use to make eyes appear bigger, cheekbones higher, and your skin flawless and brighter. With its shimmery finish, highlighters reflect the natural light that hits your face so that your contours appear brighter.

The three main areas to use a highlighter on? Your cheekbones and temples, your eyes and the Cupid bow (the area above your upper lip). Don’t go overboard as it can result in a streaky finish. Instead, dab and blend your highlighter on these areas using either a brush or your fingertip. Pat in small circles to get an even finish.

Word of advice: Highlighters accentuate features, even your not so attractive ones. So avoid using it on dark under-eye circles, red or dry skin. Apply after your foundation and set with your powder makeup.

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3. Keep on spritzing
Dry skin can result in dullness. But if you want an instant skin brightener, you can concoct a “magical” potion, keep it in a spritzer, and use it to mist your face regularly.

For a refreshing cooling face mist to keep your complexion bright, try this vitamin C concoction: Boil a cup of distilled water with chunks of orange peels and two tablespoons of fresh rosemary leaves. Simmer for 10 minutes, cool and strain the liquid. Add three drops of lime or lemon essential oil, stir and transfer to a spray bottle. Store in the refrigerator to give it that icy zest.

To spritz, hold the bottle six inches away from your face. Spritz and remember, blot off the excess with a tissue after a minute so the water doesn’t evaporate, leaving skin dry instead.

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4. Boost your blood circulation
Ever wondered why your skin looks most radiant and healthiest after a workout at the gym? That’s the effect of good blood circulation, which instantly gets your skin looking fresh. Poor blood circulation results in the lack of oxygen being carried to your skin, which makes it lackluster and dull.

So to wake up your skin and give it a bright healthy glow, especially if you’ve had a late night sleep, simply give it a quick splash of cold water. And while you’re at it, give your face a quick massage. After applying your products, make a fist with your hand and use your knuckles to massage the skin in small circular motions. This will help to stimulate blood flow to the skin, allowing it to look radiant.

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