38 Common American Sayings That Make Absolutely No Sense To Non-Americans

Hey, hi, hello fellow Americans.

Four smiling friends holding a US flag together, expressing unity and patriotism
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I've got a list of things that you most likely say that confuse the heck out of non-Americans around the world.

Buckle up because here we go....

1.When a television show says it's on at "8/7c."

2.When someone identifies as a "hockey mom."

3.When real estate listings say the house has "2.5 baths."

4.When someone says they're "transferring to a 4 year school."

5.When Americans say "bite me."

6.When someone is "grounded."

7.When Americans say "I do not disagree."

8.The term "dive bar."

9.The term "running errands."

10.When Americans use the phrase "government name."

11.When Americans say they're going to "freshen up."

12.The term "corny."

13.When Americans say they "haven't done __ in a minute."

14.When Americans call someone a "tool."

15.What "tailgating" is.

16.When Americans say "period" after a sentence.

17.When Americans say "sidebar" during a conversation.

18.When Americans say they have "finals."

19.When Americans say someone has been "drinking the Kool Aid."

20.When Americans say "I'm just sayin'."

21.When Americans use "blocks" as a form of measurement.

22.When Americans say "what's the 411 on that."

23.What pudding is.

24.When Americans wish someone a "happy belated."

25.When Americans use "football fields" as a form of measurement.

26. When Americans say they are from the "tri-state area."

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27. When Americans say "eat me."

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28. When Americans say they want creamer in their coffee.

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29. When Americans talk about "fake cheese."

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30. When Americans talk about the taste of McDonald's Sprite.

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31. When Americans answer with "I'm good" to basically every question.

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32. When Americans say they just did their taxes.

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33. When American recipes call for "one stick of butter."

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34. When Americans say they are getting the "Sunday scaries."

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35. When Americans refer to the UK as "across the pond."

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36. When Americans say "holy cow."

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37. The amount of times Americans use "like."

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38. And lastly, grits. Just, like, what are they?!?!

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