After 20+ years of authentic Thai fare, Beer Thai House will be relocating once lease ends with Golden Mile Complex

After more than 20 years of being in Golden Mile Complex, Beer Thai House will be vacating its first home at the end of Dec 2022. Golden Mile Complex — also known as Little Thailand — has asked tenants to move out of the iconic mall. Beer Thai House being one of them, will be moving to 2 different units: one at Kitchener Road and another at City Gate.

With the injection of tweaks into Thai cuisine in Singapore, authentic Thai dishes have been hard to find because of the alteration to Singaporean taste buds. As such, Beer Thai House still retains as a pinnacle place in providing authentic Thailand dishes. With over 60 dishes available on its menu, Beer Thai House has become a crowd favourite, a go-to Thai restaurant for the best Thai food.

Beer Thai House 1

The crowded eatery is not that noticeable from afar— it is hidden at the back of the mall but it always seems to be perpetually crowded. Beer Thai is founded by Chef Somsak Chomprach, who was royally selected to be the Thai chef for Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s visit to Singapore in 2009. Now that the store is managed by his daughters, be assured that their food is still royally approved of!

Beer Thai House 2

Beer Thai House has been a staple for myself; I look forward to enjoying their bowl of Thai Beef Noodles (S$5) every time I’m craving Thai food! Its stock has a hearty punch to it, and it is filled with different types of beef. From beef meat balls to beef slices, it is accompanied by a generous amount of ingredients for its price.

Beer Thai House 3

A favourite on their menu is the Pandan Chicken (S$12). For four pieces of tender chicken wrapped in pandan leaves, they are grilled and charred to retain the natural pandan fragrance exuded by the pandan leaves. Albeit rather pricey, I am guilty of at least ordering 2 plates— I can’t get enough!

Alternatively, a popular choice for others is the BBQ Pork (S$12). Marinated with a savoury sauce, the meat remains moist and tender on the inside.

Undeniably, many of us are affected by the closure of Golden Mile Complex. Some tenants mull retirement, while some find difficulty finding new places to relocate to. Sadly, Singaporeans who’ve spent their days hanging out in the iconic mall have to bid goodbye to the memories that are attached to it. Beer Thai House’s movement to their other 2 locations symbolise hope for many that the provision of authentic fares will still be available despite them moving out of Golden Mile Complex. Check out their Facebook Page for more information as they will update it in the following weeks to come.

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