100-year-old Traveler Discovers Hilarious TSA Glitch That No One Knows How to Fix — See the Video

Mildred Kirschenbaum is almost 101 and still flies around the world. But whenever she does, one seriously funny thing happens.

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Just under 90,000 Americans alive today are over the age of 100. That means a mere 0.027 percent of Americans have hit that century mark. And while living to 100 comes with a lot of perks (namely, bragging rights), for travelers of that age, it comes with the added bonus of instantly becoming a kid again.

"Hello everyone, I'm Mildred, and I'm almost 101," influencer and all-around icon Mildred Kirschenbaum said in one of her captivating social media videos. "I want to share a funny story with you. I have to fly up to New York again in May. Whether I issue the ticket — because I am a travel agent and I could still issue tickets — or whether I go directly to the airline, when you put in your age, the code is two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and two digits for the year. I was born in 1923, so I put in 23."

We're sure you can already see the problem here. 

"As soon as I check in, I'm an unescorted minor," Mildred says with a laugh. "The supervisor has to come and they have to see me right through security. No one seems to know how to correct it."

But rather than get annoyed by the process, Mildred sees the silver lining, as getting escorted and flagged means "I'm going through my second childhood," she says. "There must be a way, but none of us have found it yet." The only thing she has to do is show up a little early. As Mildred shared with People, "I allow myself a half hour at the counter … I'm not going to get myself worked up with it.”

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And honestly, Mildred and all the other centenarians out there deserve the VIP treatment, including breezing through security and having someone carry their bags from the car right to the gate.

Mildred ended her video with the same positivity she always does — by blowing people a kiss and saying, "Have a wonderful day!" It's an energy I hope every traveler can hold onto well into their golden years, too.

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