10 types of products sold at Donki stores we hope to see in Singapore

Japan’s biggest discount store Don Quijote will be opening its first Southeast Asian outlet in Singapore. But for those of us who don’t frequent the country much, what exactly is Don Quijote?

Pronounced as doh-n-key-ho-teh, or as it is more commonly known, Donki, the chain store has over 300 outlets throughout Japan.

They offer various products with quality service and great convenience – some shops are even open 24 hours in Japan! It is no wonder some have likened Donki to our very own Mustafa Centre.

Here are 10 types of products the Japan outlets have, which will hopefully come to the Singapore branch.

1. Luxury goods

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

You heard that right! Regular Donki-goers will know that the shops in Japan carry luxury goods at very decent prices. Get your favourite branded bags at a bargain!

2. Electrical appliances

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

Harvey Norman and Courts may pride themselves on having the lowest prices in Singapore, but that may change if Donki brings in household appliances. Being a Japanese brand, one can only hope that they might carry more products from other popular Japanese household names like Zojirushi and Tiger at competitive prices.

3. Groceries

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

“Whaaat!?” you might say. But put your jaws back and say hello to a 24-hour supermarket alternative. Of course, you’re not lacking 24-hour supermarkets in Singapore… but we can hope that we’ll be seeing more Japanese produce like momos (peaches) and strawberries.

4. Beauty and cosmetics

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

This is probably one of the most anticipated products of all. Put your hands up if you are hoping Donki Singapore will bring in more and different Japanese brands’ skincare and beauty products!

5. Alcohol

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

Umeshu? Sake? Chu-hi? We can hope, although there is a law that prevents the sale of alcohol after 10.30pm here in Singapore though.

6. Snacks and drinks

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Who can resist the vast range of tasty Japanese snacks, some with limited edition flavours usually available only in Japan?

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

Not to mention bottled drinks like Calpis and why yes, green tea!

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

Limited edition mentai (pollock roe) butter potato sticks, anyone?

Although we have seen some irregularly at NTUCs and Cold Storages, and there are Japanese supermarkets like Meidi-ya, Isetan and Emporium Shokuhin, more competition in the area of Japanese snacks will only benefit us, the consumers.

7. Home products and furniture

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Weibo)

Like Giant Supermarket, Donki also offers various day-to-day goods.

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Feel like having a mini matsuri (Japanese festival) in your home? How about a takoyaki maker to help you with that?

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Or perhaps yakitori is more your thing? Home chefs will definitely find lots to be delighted about if Donki brings these items and other kitchenware to Singapore.

8. Toys and games

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Donki definitely caters to people of all ages and from all walks of life. From plush figures to puzzles, to kids’ games, there will be something for everyone in the family.

9. Costumes and party goods

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Fret no more when Halloween comes! Or Christmas. In fact, any other occasion!

(Photo: Don Quijote Japan via Facebook)

Don’t know what to wear when a friend invites you over for Christmas dinner? Now there’s no excuse why everyone can’t come as Santa Claus.

10. Character goods

(Photo: Donki Japan via Weibo)

From Doraemon to Sanrio characters like Gudetama (which has a café here in Singapore), fans should be able to get their hands on their favourite character’s goods when Donki opens in Singapore. No more excuses for not having a Gudetama on your table.

While the store’s opening date in Singapore is still unknown, we can also look forward to possibly seeing the above products soon!

Meanwhile, familiarise yourself with Donpen-kun, the mascot of Donki. Yes, he is a penguin. Also yes, their mascot is not a donkey.


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