10 must-try food stalls at Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre

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If you rarely make your way down to the East, Our Tampines Hub may not be on your radar. But, what if I told you there are a couple of hidden gems waiting for you here? I know, I cover the East too much. Too much of any good thing isn’t wrong, right? 

Our Tampines Hub - image of hawker

Despite being promoted as a hub of everything sports and lifestyle-related, there’s plenty of good food here. From fluffy chapatis to springy noodles, they certainly have it all. Besides, I’m all for good food. 

Without further ado, I present to you… 10 must-try food stalls at Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre

1. Yong Seng Heng Prawn Noodle (#01-43)

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Prawn noodles have a distinctive flavour to them when they’re done right. A popular local dish, prawn noodle is essentially thick yellow noodles in pork broth (made of pork bones), prawn stock (made from prawn heads and shells), and topped with bean sprouts, pork slices, vegetables, and of course, prawns.

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Here, a bowl of piping hot prawn noodles starts from S$2.80. Pretty affordable, right? The dish also comes with two peeled prawns, pork slices, and less than a handful of vegetables. I’ve heard the broth here has a distinct soya sauce taste as opposed to other stalls within the vicinity. 

2. Botak Cantonese Porridge (#01-65)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

With a rating of 4.6 on Google, this stall sure knows what they’re doing. And if you’re a fan of Cantonese porridge, be it for breakfast or dinner, you’re in for a treat! Considering they’re open from 7am to 10pm

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Apart from the range of Porridge (from S$2.80), you can also expect to find their Signature Braised Pork Rice (S$3.50) and Mixed Porridge (S$4). While I do prefer my bowl of porridge with a thicker consistency, many may disagree with me. So why not have a bowl yourself and be the judge? 

+65 9021 8211
Mon, Tue, Thu to Sun: 7am – 10pm
Closed on Wed

3. Indian Cuisine (#01-59) 

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

If you’re looking for a stall that sells North Indian delights, this is the stall for you. Not only are they underrated but they’re affordable too! Personally, it’s rare to find a stall that sells authentic North Indian food, much less at a hawker centre that’s situated outside of Tekka Centre. 

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

I especially love this stall for its vegetarian options. Think Cholay Chawal (S$6.90), Punjabi Kadi Pakora with Chawal (S$6.90), Chole Bhature (S$6.90), Chaats like Dahi Vada (S$7.80), Pani Puri (S$7.80), and more! Pair them up with fluffy Chapati (S$1.70), fresh out of the tandoor Garlic Butter Naan (S$3) or Plain Ghee Prantha (S$2.80) for an elevated desi experience. 

They also have meat options like the ever-popular Butter Chicken (S$9.80), Mutton Roganjosh (S$11.80), Fish Masala (S$8.80), and sweets like Gulab Zamun (S$6 for 3 pieces)!

All this talk about chapatis and naans has got my tummy growling at midnight.

+65 9685 7993
Daily: 9am – 10pm

4. Jue Shi Lor Mee (#01-45)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

Another local favourite dish is the Lor Mee. Remember when I said Our Tampines Hub has it all? They truly do. A quick Google search will explain that lor mee is a Hokkien noodle dish that’s served in thick starchy gravy made of corn starch, spices, meat, seafood, and egg. 

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Get yourself a Traditional Lor Mee for S$4.80. It comes with a generous amount of ingredients, and you also have the option to add on more items. The Traditional Lor Mee here comes with fish flakes, ngoh hiang, braised pork, and half an egg in a well-balanced broth. Additionally, you may add fresh minced garlic, vinegar, sambal or ground pepper to enhance the flavour. While it may not be the best, it certainly does the trick if you’re craving a bowl of lor mee

Daily: 8am – 10pm

5. Japanese Curry House (#01-34)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

This one’s for all you Japanese curry lovers out there. For the uninformed, Japanese curry is sweeter and thicker than Chinese, Malay or Indian curries. It usually comes with two kinds of meat to choose from— pork or beef. 

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

With a high Google rating of 4.5, you already know this stall knows what’s up. For S$6, you can expect a generous portion of rice doused in rich Japanese curry with a crispy pork cutlet. You also have the option to add S$1 for an additional serving of vegetables to your loaded plate. Talk about a bang for your buck! 

Daily: 11am – 9.30pm

6. Ofanz Rojak • Popiah (#01-39)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

Dubbed the best rojak by residents is none other than Ofanz Rojak • Popiah. Unlike its Indian Muslim counterpart, the Chinese Rojak (from S$3.50) comes with a medley of sweet, sour and spicy elements. It is essentially a fruit and vegetable salad mixed with cut-up dough fritters, fermented prawn paste, sugar, lime, and chilli paste, garnished with chopped peanuts and fragrant ginger flowers. 

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

The gooey salad has a distinct fishy aroma and intense piquant taste due to the combination of chilli paste and ginger flowers. Additionally, for S$3.60, you can get a serving of yummy popiah

Mon: 11am – 8.30pm
Tue: 9am – 8pm
Wed to Sat: 10am – 8.30pm
Sun: 11am – 8.30pm

7. The Fish Soup 义德鱼汤 (#01-44)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

Personally, I love how each stall here boasts straightforward names. From Indian Cuisine to Japanese Curry House to The Fish Soup. Of course, you already know what you’re going to get here. 

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

A bowl of Fried Fish Soup will set you back S$4.80 and Seafood Soup, S$5.80. You may also opt to add rice or noodles for an additional S$0.50. Apart from soups, they also serve Sliced Fish Porridge (S$2.80) and Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup (S$4.50)

Daily: 10am – 9pm

8. Warung Wak Dindang (#01-58)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

Another hidden gem, with little to no online presence, is Warung Wak Dindang. They only have six different items on the menu: Nasi Lemak Standard (S$4.50), Nasi Sambal Goreng (S$5.20), Nasi Ambeng (S$9.60), Ayam Penyet with Rice (S$9.60), Chicken Satay (S$11.20 for 10 sticks), and Tahu Goreng (S$5.20)

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Despite the limited items and slightly above-average prices, they do serve up quite the flavourful spread. 

9. Social Bite (#01-63)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

With a close-to-perfect Google rating of 4.9, Social Bite at Our Tampines Hub is definitely as legit as they come. Besides, what’s heading to a hawker centre without getting a bowl of laksa

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Their Signature Laksa (S$4/S$5) comes with fresh prawns and cockles, and spicy chilli in a flavourful and rich coconut broth. Aside from their laksa, their Signature Mee Siam (S$4) isn’t one to be missed. Many residents who frequent the hawker centre self-declare Social Bite’s Laksa and Mee Siam as one of the best in Singapore. I say you got to try it to believe it!

10. P&J Western Food (#01-69)

Our Tampines Hub - image of stall

Last but not least, is P&J Western Food. Personally speaking, I don’t think the “P&J” in P&J Western Food stands for Peanut Butter & Jelly, so it remains an unsolved mystery. Fun fact, did you know Western food stalls in Singapore are usually Hainanese-influenced and are uniquely Singaporean? Finally, something we can claim as ours (take that Malaysia!).  

Our Tampines Hub - image of dish

Only at Our Tampines Hub can you find a slew of Western favourites like Chicken Chop (S$10.60), Fish & Chips (S$11.30), Pork Cutlet (S$11.30), and even a large plate of Chicken + Fish + Pork Mixed Grill Set (S$21.30). Not only are their dishes flavourful, but they also come in huge portions! 

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