10 best restaurants in Bedok Mall you must know about

Bedok Mall, the first major shopping mall to open in Bedok, is a popular shopping and dining destination in Singapore. Strategically located and accessible (it’s linked to Bedok MRT Station and the bus interchange), this mall has been drawing crowds since its opening in 2013.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a sit-down meal with friends and family, the dining options here are sure to satisfy. With a diverse range of choices and prices to suit every budget, Bedok Mall is a must-visit destination for food lovers.

Here, we bring you 10 of our favourite restaurants that you must visit when you’re in the vicinity.

1. Hot Tomato (#B1-37/38)

bedokmall - hot tomato

For casual Western dining, Hot Tomato is easily one of the best options in Bedok, not just Bedok Mall. Their pastas are divine. They serve prime grade beef from grass-fed cows within a family-friendly price range.

I can’t resist a good Caesar Salad (S$8.50) and almost always order it here. You can go a bit more the exotic way with the Salmon Mango Salad (S$12.50).

bedokmall - seafood platter
Credit – Hot Tomato

The Seafood Platter (S$20.90) is perfect for sharing and the fresh squid, Norwegian salmon and shrimp is wonderfully accentuated by the mustard cream sauce. If you’ve worked up an appetite, the Hot Tomato Mixed Grill (S$21.50) of pork loin, chicken chop and lean lamb chop is the way to go.

If seafood is your kryptonite, the Seafood Linguine (S$16.90) will be your undoing. The fresh squid, sea tiger prawns, black mussels and shiitake mushrooms work so well with the black olives, capers, tomato and white wine!

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+65 6844 9328
Daily: 11am – 10pm
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2. LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar (#B2-32)

bedokmall - storefront
bedokmall - storefront

A lengthy name, yes, but the food here gets right to the point! LeNu Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar takes great pride in its perfectly-textured noodles cooked in a secret broth. It is a delicate and extensive process that takes 12 hours from start to serve. Portion sizes are generous and ingredients are fresh.

bedokmall - collage of food
bedokmall - collage of food

The other highlights are the Vegetable Pork Wonton in Pork Bone Soup (5 pcs) (S$8.90) and the Braised Wagyu Beef Broth Noodles (S$16.77). I am a fan of the LeNu Special Dry Noodles (S$7.81). It’s simple but gets the balance of flavour just right.

Take any of the 3 combo meals for great value. My personal favourite is Combo Meal C (S$13.96) which comes with braised pork ribs and scallion dry noodles. If I am feeling especially hungry, a side of Crispy Beancurd skin stuffed with Fish Paste (S$3.37 for 2 pcs) or Poached Lettuce in Supreme Soya Sauce (S$5.15) is just right.

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Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10.30am – 10pm

3. Pho Street (#B1-40)

bedokmall - restaurant interior

If you yearn for Vietnamese street food since your last visit there, Pho Street should be one of your pit stops at Bedok Mall. They combine iconic pho creations, unforgettable street snacks and perfect Banh Mi with a vibrantly authentic dining experience.

The magic behind the incredibly flavourful bowls of pho is a process of boiling the broth for 8 hours with a secret ingredient. Combined with specially blended oil, handmade beef balls and pho imported from Vietnam, this makes for a knockout flavour hit.

bedokmall - Pho beef combi
Credit – Pho Street

The Signature Pho Beef Combination (S$9.90) contains beef balls, beef slices, beef shank, beef tendons and beef tripe for enough cow to make you moo. You can turn it into a Set (S$13.90) that adds 1 Summer Roll and 1 Iced Lemon Tea to the tray.

The descriptively-named Vietnamese Three Colour Dessert (S$3.50) would be even more accurately titled if it was called the Vietnamese Very Delicious Dessert.

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Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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4. Sō Ramen (#B1-09)

bedokmall - storefront

Sō Ramen gives you classy Japanese dining without the premium pricing. There is no compromise on premium ingredients, though— every strand of Hosomen and Chijiremen ramen served here is made from high-quality wheat flour.

These noodles were not chosen randomly but designed for optimal pairing with Sō Ramen’s 4 broth flavours: Shoyu, Tonkotsu, Uobushi Tonkotsu and Spicy Tonkotsu. Each of those broths is simmered to savoury perfection over many hours.

bedokmall - ramen bowl

I say go right for the top of the pile with the Grand Tonkotsu Ramen (S$15.90). There is toroniku, buta kakuni, cha shu, ni tamago, menma and black onion sauce in this bowl, giving it a wonderfully aromatic personality (and your tummy a pretty tight fill).

You can also have the ingredients as add-ons, with the Menma (S$1.90), Ni Tamago (Half) (S$1.80) and Toroniku (S$4.90 for 3 pcs) being the most popular. When I am feeling especially hungry, the Spicy Minced Pork (S$3.50) and Miso Soup (S$1.90) are my regular orders.

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+65 6844 9441
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm

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5. Saap Saap Thai (#B1-39)

bedokmall - storefront

If you enjoy the casual dining experience of self-service and combo meals, Saap Saap Thai gives it to you with great servings of your favourite Thai dishes.

The basic (in name and contents) Single Combo 1 (S$13.90) is perfect for a small eater like me. It comes with your choice of rice or noodles, and 2 pieces of chicken wing and drumette, as well as a drink. Sweet and simple.

If you want dessert with your set meal, ask for the Super Single Combo 4 (S$15.90). It complements the same rice/noodle options and drink with either a Violet Coconut Sago or Mango Ice Cream Mix.

bedokmall - chicken wings
Credit – Saap Saap Thai

When I’m in a snacking mood rather than in full-meal mode, it’s the Snack Boxes for me, and each is served with Saap Saap Sauce. Box C (S$14.90) contains 4 beef or chicken balls, 4 chicken wings and drumettes and a crispy chicken cutlet. Pretty filling. 

+65 6844 9441
Mon to Thu: 10.30am – 9pm
Fri to Sun: 10.30am – 9.30pm
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6. Canton Paradise (#B2-11)

bedokmall - storefront
bedokmall - storefront

Deliberately infused with the vibrant bustle characteristic of Cantonese eateries, Canton Paradise is a winsome getaway for your meal. Marvel at the ordered chaos and incredible efficiency of the show kitchen as you enjoy some of Hong Kong’s most beloved dishes, dim sum and snacks.

bedokmall - dim sum
bedokmall - dim sum

I am a sucker for their all-day dim sum affair. The Steamed Pork Dumpling ‘Siew Mai‘ (S$6.90 for 3 pcs) and Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Bun (S$6 for 3 pcs) are my absolute favourites! When I’m in the mood to tickle my sweet tastebuds, the Steamed Black Sugar Sponge Cake (S$4.80) and Lotus Seed Paste with Pumpkin Seed Longevity Bun (S$5.30 for 3 pcs) are first on my list.

Oh my, then there’s the Fried & Baked Dim Sum menu. I could eat Crispy Prawn and Mango Fritters (S$7.80) all day long.

When I decide to grow up and have a ‘real’ meal, the Sliced Fish Noodle with Ginger and Spring Onion (Dry) (S$11.80) is usually my first choice. 

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+65 6844 9244
Mon to Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 10.30am – 10pm

7. MENDON (#B2-27)

bedokmall - storefront

Another charming Japanese cuisine option at Bedok Mall is Mendon. I see this restaurant as my default cheap and straightforward option when I am too tired or too hungry to waste deciding where to eat.

bedokmall - don

There are 3 menu sections: Noodle, Rice Bowl and Sides. All the options in the Noodle menu and all rice bowl menu are priced the same respectively. It makes choosing so much simpler!

The Teriyaki Chicken Ramen (S$7.90) is a good choice if you are not a fussy eater. Something more exotic such as the Ebi Tama Udon (S$7.90) with its shrimp and egg, or the Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Ramen (S$7.90) with its miso pork soup and char siew may appeal to others.

The Teriyaki Chicken Don (S$6.90) is one of my regular buys when I am hankering for rice. Another one of my faves is the Unatama Don (S$6.90) which has eel and egg coming together in a wonderful combination. 

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8. Nene Chicken (#02-02)

bedokmall - storefront

Nene Chicken has always been on my list of faves at Bedok Mall because they serve generous portion sizes for the price. This south Korean international brand brings some of the best fried chicken of its kind and is definitely worth a taste if you are anywhere near one.

Despite its massive size, Nene Chicken ensures that every portion reaches you at its freshest by only cooking your meal after you order.

bedokmall - fried chicken

The one dish you must try here is the Bulgogi Wings (18 wings and drumlets at S$22.90). You get a taste of authentic Korean cuisine without straying from your love of crispy fried goodness. It’s too shiok to say no to. 

If you are a student, just flash your student ID to get Set A (S$6.90) of a NeNe Burger with Cheese (Crispy), 1 Side and a drink. Set B (S$6.90) gets you Japchae, a Side and a drink. If it’s P.E. day, fuel up with Set C (S$9.90) of Japchae, Popcorn Chicken and a drink.

Order Delivery

+65 6702 4008
Mon to Wed: 11am – 10pm
Thu to Sun: 11am – 10.30pm
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9. Gochi-So Shokudo (#01-75)

bedokmall - storefront

Gochi-So Shokudo is all about healthy eating, and promotes a transparent, responsible and sustainable farm-to-table process. This is the place you want to be for all-natural pork free of MSG and other harmful additives.

Their menu is constantly evolving, reflecting the changing seasons and the meat and vegetables that naturally flourish at different times of the year.

bedokmall - table full of dishes

The Teriyaki Pork Belly Don (S$10.90) served with onsen egg, pickles, spring onions and miso soup is good! The premium Pork Loin & Ebi Katsu (S$12.90) is good value with its 150g of loin and 1 ebi fry. For more variety, try the Mix Katsu Platter (S$14.90). There is half loin, loin cheese and crab cream croquettes here and it’s too filling for me to eat alone.

In the mood for ribs? The Black Pepper Spare Ribs (S$13.90) is served with a salad and fries. It makes for a complete meal and the ribs are beautifully seasoned.

+65 6243 7081
Daily: 11.30am – 9pm

10. Junshin Express (#B2-20)

junshin - storefront

Junshin Express is not your typical Japanese sushi restaurant. While they serve the traditional variety of fresh and adorable sushi and sashimi, health-conscious diners also have the option for fruit sushi and vegetable sushi.

Some of the most popular items on the menu include Black pepper Ebi, Abu Black Pepper Sake and Anago Sushi. One of my personal favourites is the Sake with Wasabi Mayo. Do note that their prices change regularly, so it’s best to check with the restaurant itself.

junshin. - sushi
Credit – Junshin Sushi

If you are game for a change of pace, the Kiwi Sushi and Strawberry Sushi are the way to go. They also do not mass produce their sushi. Every product is handmade daily when an order is received. Even when you make an advance order, the sushi is only prepared on the day of the delivery.

This simple step gives Junshin Sushi’s food its characteristically delicious flavour. You should also try their Liu Sha Pau, Yam Nest and Chicken Sugar Cane (trust me, it tastes even better than it sounds!)

+65 6844 9448
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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