10 best places at KINEX Mall for a fun makan session

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KINEX (formerly OneKM Shopping Mall), located in the lively Paya Lebar district of Singapore, boasts a diverse selection of dining choices that cater to every taste bud. From burgers and fries to bak kut teh, hotpot and wood-fired pizzas, this shopping centre has something for everyone.

kinex - mall

As you step inside the sleek and modern building, the aroma of delicious cuisine wafts through the air, tempting you to indulge in a culinary adventure. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, KINEX’s diverse dining scene is sure to impress.

Without further ado, here is our curated list of the top 10 dining destinations at KINEX.

1. 800° Woodfired Kitchen (#01-52/53)

kinex - storefront

Well, you know exactly what this place does from its name! 800° Woodfired Kitchen specialises in wood-fired pizzas prepared at temperatures as high as 800°F (427°C). At this temperature, not only do you get perfectly-melted cheese but a patchwork of beautiful charring reminiscent of a wild animal’s pelt.

kinex - pizzas
Credit – 800° Woodfired Kitchen

There is no frozen business going on here— every dish is made to order as customers make their choices. Moreover, they use only extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen. Definitely try the Tartufo (S$22 for regular, S$34 for large). You don’t find this in too many restaurants and it’s very well done here, combining mushroom, parmesan and arugula on a mushroom truffle base.

The BBQ Chicken (S$16 for regular, S$28 for large) is a treat, too. Sharpness from provolone cheese goes so well with red onion and rotisserie chicken. Add wonderful sundried tomato and cilantro and this is a winner!

You can get rotisserie chicken without the pizza, too. ¼ Chicken (S$8), ½ Chicken (S$15) and Whole Chicken (S$28) are great on their own, too. Pasta dishes include the Aglio Olio (S$10, S$14.90 with mushrooms), Chicken Carbonara (S$14.90). I’d say splurge a bit and go for the Chilli Crab (S$20.90).

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Daily: 11am – 9.30pm 
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2. Fatburger & Buffalo’s (#01-70/71/72)

kinex - storefront
Credit – KINEX Mall

If customisable burgers are your thing and you don’t mind splurging for a fast food meal, Fatburger & Buffalo’s is the place to be. They bill themselves as “Singapore’s best halal burgers” but there is a distinctly American diner-feel to the menu and decor.

kinex - burgers and shakes

Their bestseller is the Fatburger (Single) (S$9) with one patty. There are also the Double (S$12), Triple (S$15) and, for the famished, the Quad (S$17). Add-ons (S$1.50) include cheese, American chilli, egg and onion rings (2 pcs). One day, I will have them all in one burger.

Shying away from meat? The Swiss Mushroom (S$11) and Impossible Burger (S$15) are for you. Hotdogs have been a favourite of mine since I was a kid reading Archie comics. (Ignore the TV series— it’s a travesty!) Here, you can get the Classic (S$4) and 4 other variations, including Chili & Nacho Cheese (S$6).

If you are a spice demon, try their Wings with the Death Valley sauce. It has that name for a reason.

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations

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3. Osomatsu Japanese Kitchen And Bar (#02-21)

kinex - interiors of restaurant

How do you say no to a restaurant that describes itself as ‘The Happiest Japanese Dining in the East’? Osomatsu Japanese Kitchen And Bar is named for ‘Osomatsu-sama deshita!’, which means ‘it was no big deal of a meal’, a typically polite Japanese response to a compliment.

kinex -omakase set
Credit – Osomatsu Japanese Kitchen And Bar

There are 4 menus here— the main menu, an Omakase (S$160++ per pax) menu, a set menu and, of course, the sake menu. I simply adore just leafing through the main menu because it gives a glimpse into the sheer artistry at work here.

Take, for example, the Uni Ikura Tart (S$22/pc). The smoked sea urchin, salmon roe and truffle cream come to you in a geometric extravaganza of compelling flavours. The Salmon Carpaccio (S$15) is more substantial, with the skilfully-sliced salmon perfectly paired with Japanese dressing.

Then, there is the sashimi menu, with its Shiromi Truffle (S$25), a wonderful example of culinary and visual theatrics.

Much more affordable but no less in taste, the set meals are great value. My personal pick is the Chicken Teriyaki (S$20) set. All sets come with truffle endamame, miso soup, pickles, pork gyoza and salad.

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4. Sizzle Whizzle (#B1-31)

kinex - store opening

Indonesian food has taken off in a big way of late and Sizzle Whizzle is going right along for the ride. Their menu is a delightful list of the most popular Indonesian one-dish meals such as Fried Chicken Indomie Goreng (S$9.90), and Fried Chicken with Steam Rice (S$9.90).

These signature fried chicken dishes come with your choice of chilli, with the options of ambal bawang (onion), sambal teri (anchovies) and sambal merah (red chilli).

kinex - collage of rice bowl and noodles

Their Rice Bowl series comes with the option of Mozarella Cheese topping (S$2.50), which is a great way to spend $2.50! The bowls are Chili Chicken Liver + Gizzard (S$8.90), Chili Baby Squid (S$8.90) and Chili Shredded Chicken & Petai (S$8.90).

You can get Additional Rice (S$1.50), Indomie Goreng (S$2.50) as well as my hands-down favourite, Prawn Crackers (S$1.50). Kids get a very cutely decorated Kids Meal Rice Bowl (S$6.90).

+65 8100 0206
Daily: 11am to 9pm
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5. Soul Coffee (#02-16)

kinex - interiors

No, they didn’t just pick a name to sound cool, Soul Coffee really does give you an insight into your soul! Take your future firmly in your hands with a tarot card reading or an energy analysis session. Where? Why, in a quiet, hidden room concealed within the walls of the cafe, of course!

Soul Coffee is also Singapore’s first ever cafe to offer an immersive 4D experience. There is the spectacle of a humanoid AI hand brew barista as well as custom-made Instagrammable spots.

They aren’t slouches in the food department, either. I recommend the Cajun Roast Chicken w/Fries & Salad (S$19.80) as a filling option. They have only 2 pizza options— Hawaiian (S$22.80) and Margherita (S$20.80)— and they are equally good and feed 3-4 people.

kinex - purple drinks and desserts

This cafe is also known for its beautiful desserts. Look out especially for the Wild Strawberry, White Peach and Ivoire Raspberry Dome. They’re the literal definition of almost-too-beautiful-to-eat!

+65 9876 7257
Tue to Sun: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Mon
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6. Beef Bro – Blow Torch Grill (#B1-K8)

kinex - beef bro stall

Blow-torched beef cubes is what Beef Bro – Blow Torch Grill specialises in and they take their skills seriously. They are apparently even the creators of Singapore’s first-ever Mentaiko Beef Cubes. The concept is a hearty fusion of Asian and Western cuisine, backed by the reliable Taiwanese penchant for culinary innovation.

kinex - ramly burger and rice set
Credit – Beef Bro – Blow Torch Grill

At the top of the options are the Wagyu Beef Cubes Ricebowl (S$24.50) and the Wagyu Steak Ricebowl (S$25.90). Both are marked by the superior meat but are notable for their size as well— definitely more than enough for 1 person.

However, the Singaporean in me is always tempted by the Nasi Lemak sets. While they have exotic variations such as the Nasi Lemak Salmon (S$8.90), I am more than happy with my delicious Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang (S$8.90).

You can also try their Ramly burger series. It ranges from the simple Ayam (S$5) and Lembu (S$6) to the stacked Lembu x3 (S$15) and Ayam x3 (S$13) to the outrageous Burger Oblong Ikan x3 (S$19). That last one is too rich for my taste, both flavour-wise and wallet-wise!

Chope Deals
Chope Deals

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Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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7. Kucina Italian Restaurant (#B1-09/10)

kinex - interiors

Kucina Italian Restaurant at KINEX excels at creating Italian cuisine but the halal way. You may wonder how this is at all possible, if you are at all familiar with food from Italy. The answer is Chef Gero, who has spent close to 30 years in the industry and has now put his mind to that very goal.

For example, the white wine base of the typical vongole is substituted with fish stock to replicate the taste of the wine, and New Zealand clams for bolder flavour to enhance the effect. Turkey bacon is substituted for the porcine variety.

With its dual toppings, the Duo Kucizzino Bruschetta (S$14.90) is an easy pick from the antipasti menu. The first toppings are cherry tomato, ricotta cheese, black olives and shallots. Second toppings are homemade Sicilian caponata, stracciatella cheese and pine nuts. Both are drizzled with balsamic reduction.

kinex - pasta dish

Agnolloti Di Manzo (S$25.90) is my pick from the pasta menu. This is homemade sausage served with mushroom cream sauce drizzled with demi glaze. The curiously-shaped agnolloti make it especially interesting.

+65 6493 2154
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
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8. Abang Curry (B1-K2)

kinex - panko rice set
kinex - panko rice set

It’s all about the panko at Abang Curry. Okay, maybe not all but panko is certainly a big part of their menu. The Panko Ebi Rice (S$8.90) is definitely worth a try!

You will also get a good mix of chicken wings, curry rice and curry puffs. One of the biggest draws here is the range of delicious sauces.

Their curry puffs are marked by an incredible crispiness, with a flaky skin that will bring back childhood memories. Rightly so, too, since they are made from a recipe that dates back to 1970.

kinex - curry rice
kinex - curry rice

You’ll enjoy the curry rice dishes if you prefer a thinner curry. Here, a thinner consistency doesn’t mean less flavour— it’s just made that way to better mix with the rice. However, I found myself enjoying the humble curry puff most of all. The flaky texture really does elevate the taste.

The Japanese fusion concept works very well. Other affordable options here include Charcoal-Grilled Chicken Rice (S$5.90) and Abang Curry Noodle (S$3). Abang Curry at KINEX uses no pork or lard, but it has yet to get its halal certification.

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Thu to Tue: 11.30 am to 9pm
Closed on Wed
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9. Mukshidonna (#01-30)

kinex- storefront

Eat (Muk), Rest (Shi), Pay (Don) Leave (Na) is the epitome of virtually every restaurant but Mukshidonna just made it its name. What’s hilarious is that you have to pay for your meal before it is served to you. Hello, Donmukshina!

kinex - army stew

This well-known Korean restaurant chain was founded in Seoul and has garnered widespread acclaim for the signature sauce that goes into its Tteokbokki (rice cake) army stew (Budae Jjigae).

The Korean army stew here is a banger! You can pick your ingredients to include sausages and mussels but you’d be crazy to not opt for the cheese, too. It’s so beautiful, the way the melting mozzarella enhances the flavour and aroma, as well as the texture.

It’s made all the better for the sweet & spicy sauce. Just make sure to watch the noodles and remove them from the pot when they are at your preferred consistency.

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+65 8168 4708
Daily: 11.30am to 10pm
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10. A-Lan Japanese Cuisine & Juice Bar (#B1-K6)

kinex - storefront

It’s not a very common combination but A-Lan Japanese Cuisine & Juice Bar does a very decent job of both. Their food menu is divided into donburi, chirashi, ramen, udon, sashimi, maki and salads, as well as an extensive side order list.

I don’t think I’ve ever done this before but I’m talking about the drinks here first. Please try their Avocado Series, especially the ever-popular Avocado Honey and the unusual but interesting Avocado Coffee. There is also Avocado Gula Melaka, Avocado Caramel and Avocado Chocolate. The restaurant at KINEX also has 11 different varieties of fruit and vegetable choices for you to choose from.

kinex- chickec teriyaki set

The set meals are excellent value. The Chicken Teriyaki Set is my favourite but the Stir Fried Pork Set is also a lovely option. There are close to 15 donburi options, including the bestselling Tori Katsu Don. The side orders vary in size from the petite Chawanmushi to the can’t-finish-myself Chicken Cutlet.

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Daily: 10am – 9.30pm

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