12 best buffet caterers in Singapore for all your partying needs

Are you planning your next party? Be it a baby shower or wedding, festive occasion, office gatherings or seminars, or even if you’re just having friends over, buffet caterers are here to save the day. 

You can truly sit back and relax as these experienced party planners and chefs settle it all— canapes, main courses, dessert, beverages, and for some, even decor! 

From local cuisine to Western delights, here are 12 best buffet caterers in Singapore that’ll cater to any budget, occasion or cuisine

1. How’s Catering

best caterers - Hows Catering
Credit – How’s Catering

From festive celebrations to canape receptions, and even office parties for when we moved into our new office, How’s Catering has got the art of catering nailed down to a tee.

It was founded in 1991 and since then, this halal-certified catering service has been dishing out a wide range of affordable buffet options. Its international buffet menus start from S$18/pax, and it even offers self-heating mini buffets starting from S$18.80/pax.

best caterers - Hows 2
Credit – How’s Catering

Its buffet packages are so extensive that you don’t even need to lift a finger. 

Coming complete with table, table linen and even centrepieces, How’s Catering’s International Buffet Menus start from S$18/pax and can go all the way up to S$28/pax. Food choices span from Asian cuisine, such as Lontong Curry Vegetables and Cantonese Steamed Fish, to Western favourites like Crispy Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese.

More interestingly, its Cocktail Reception Menus feature gorgeously plated bite-sized items like Crabmeat Chawanmushi, Slow Cooked Norwegian Salmon and White Chocolate Panna Cotta.

For customised menus or queries, you can contact How’s Catering here.

+65 6852 2852
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2. Neo Garden

best caterers - Neo Garden
Credit – Neo Garden

Can you believe that Neo Garden was founded in 1992? This means that this well-known catering company has been the go-to for events and occasions, delivering high-quality food time after time for a whopping 31 years, making them a true veteran in the industry.

Neo Garden has everything you need: buffets offering classic to premium menus from S$15.99 per pax, and even vegetarian and healthier choice options; mini buffets ideal for house gatherings or cosy tea parties; bento boxes; dessert tables; live stations; and even high tea buffets!

best caterers - Neo Garden 2
Credit – Neo Garden

Its wide selection of dishes are sure to impress your guests. Some of its must-order items include Curry Chicken, Cereal Prawn, Chicken Kong Bak Pau and Mini Soon Kueh. Its regular buffet menus come complete with food warmers and fully dressed table set-ups, so you can leave the logistics, from delivery to set-up and clean up, to the team to handle.

There are even thematic decor packages should you be looking for aesthetic birthday themed buffet lines, like Safari Playland (from S$250), Pastel Unicorn (from S$280), Dino Jungle (S$280) and Geometric Botanical (from S$280).

+65 6896 7757
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3. Deli Hub Catering

best caterers - Deli hub
Credit – Deli Hub Catering

Deli Hub Catering was started in 2004 as Neo Garden’s first halal-certified caterer, and has been serving up delightful full-fledged and mini buffets, tea receptions, executive deli and bento sets, and seminar packages ever since.

More importantly, if you require the halal certificate and logo to be displayed at your event so that your guests can be assured of Deli Hub Catering’s processes, it can be done upon request. Amazing!

best caterers - deli hub catering 2

Deli Hub Catering has over 13 menu categories, with each featuring a large selection of items, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your party needs. 

For example, its Regular Buffet selection starts from S$15.99 per pax (8 dishes, min 50 pax), and you can pick from delectable dishes like Sin Chow Mee Hoon, Sweet & Sour Fish and Black Pepper Chicken

Impressively, Deli Hub Catering also offers Live Stations, where skilled chefs whip up food right before your guests’ eyes— a sure crowd pleaser. Pick from over 20 options of tantalising delights, such as Singapore Satay Bee Hoon ($5 per pax) served with satay sauce, kang kong, cuttlefish and crushed peanuts, Nonya Laksa (S$5 per pax), Nonya Mee Siam (S$5 per pax), Nonya Kueh Pie Tee (S$4 per pax) and even Sizzling Satay (1 set/600 sticks at $720)!

+65 6515 0020
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4. CaterCo

best caterers - caterco

Want a contemporary touch at your next party? Try CaterCo. This isn’t your usual caterer— they’re a multifaceted events company that offers concierge-like service that dishes out Halal-certified food, complete with unique settings that’ll definitely wow your guests.

best caterers - caterco 2

You know it’s going to be a real spread with CaterCo. They’ve got classic buffet offerings like the Atlantis (S$20 per guest, min 40 guests). Featuring 8 categories, the Atlantis allows you to pick from luscious items like Honey Glazed Chicken, Baked Dory and Mala Potato & Vegetables.

To take your event to the next level, rely on CaterCo’s expertise as a corporate events specialist and check out its wide variety of menus which include tea time selections and seminar packages. For its tea time selections, prices start from S$12 per guest and cover both sweet and savouries like Mini Butter Croissant (+S$0.80), Breaded Crab Claw, Hawaiian Pizza, Swiss Roll and Apple Strudel (+S$0.50). The newest addition to their offerings is their Pop-up Live Stations, which offer croffles, artisan coffee and even bubble tea!

CaterCo even allows you to design your own menu. It even catered a grazing spread for one of its corporate clients, complete with cheese and cold cuts!

+65 6337 3030
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5. Chilli Manis

buffet caterers - chilli manis
Credit – Chilli Manis

Peranakan fare always makes for a hearty and delicious meal, and one of the best caterers to indulge in Peranakan cuisine is Chilli Manis. This halal-certified catering service’s name directly translates to “sweet chilli” in Bahasa Indonesian, and offers a wide range of menus that are inspired by the flavours of the Peranakan cuisine.

Chilli Manis’ menu is an amalgamation of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian flavours, putting their own take on the finest Asian recipes. Chilli Manis offers a huge range of different catered buffets and has served many events all over the country, from large corporate dinners to more intimate celebrations.

Known as the highest rated Peranakan buffet caterer in Singapore, Chilli Manis Catering has showcased its strong dedication to the Peranakan cuisine through its highly raved Curry Assam Fish, Ayam Buah Keluak and Beef Rendang. Prepared with traditional herbs, spices and aromas, you can certainly look forward to enjoying an impactful burst of flavour. 

buffet caterers - chilli manis
Credit – Chilli Manis

Their Peranakan Mini Buffets are perfect for gatherings, as they combine the most delicious and fragrant Asian dishes into a single menu, with prices ranging from S$24++ to S$29++ per pax, where customers can select their own preferred dishes from a wide selection of mains, proteins, vegetables and desserts.

Chilli Manis’ must-try dishes include their signature Curry Assam Fish, containing brinjal, lady’s finger and tomatoes, and Classic Nonya Beef Rendang, a fragrant and hearty classic dish that will be sure to satisfy you. Definitely also go for the Signature Ayam Buah Keluak, a decadent traditional chicken dish made with an assortment of spices, such as the keluak nut.

Other delicious offerings in Chilli Manis’ Peranakan Mini Buffets are the Homemade Chicken Ngoh Hiang, Nonya Chap Chye, Udang Goreng Assam and Pandan Kaya Sliced Cake

buffet caterers - chilli manis
Credit – Chilli Manis

If you’re hosting a larger event and require a bigger spread of food, not to worry — Chilli Manis also offers Peranakan buffet spreads that can feed over 30 pax! The Peranakan Jewel menus range from S$22++ to S$29++ per pax, where you can choose 8 to 10 dishes to feed your guests. 

Aside from having a large plethora of incredible Asian dishes for you to savour, the Peranakan Jewel menus also include beverages, with herbal drinks like Roselle Hawthorn, Loh Han Guo and Ginseng Chrysanthemum, Fruit Punch and healthier treats such as Iced Roselle and Lemongrass Pandan.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to enjoy classic Peranakan dishes or even a high tea buffet, you’ll definitely be left satisfied with Chilli Manis Catering. Order your buffets from Chilli Manis here!

+65 6250 1112
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6. ECreative Catering

best caterers - ecreative catering
best caterers - ecreative catering

If you’ve ever struggled with finding a suitable caterer for your events and parties, ECreative Catering is here to meet your needs. ECreative Catering is a halal-certified caterer offering a wide variety of catered spreads that are suitable for both casual and formal events— this versatile company is able to adapt to different requirements and themes.

One of the most exciting offerings is its unique 1st Birthday Safari Theme Party (B), which consists of 11 dishes, plus an additional free dish. The set costs S$16.90++ per pax, with a minimum requirement of 30 pax. What makes the 1st Birthday Safari Theme Party (B) stand out is that it comes with a cute safari-themed setup at no additional cost. Impress your guests with the adorable stuffed animals and safari-themed decorations that adorn the spread.

best caterers - ecreative catering
best caterers - ecreative catering

Some of the delicious offerings to select from include the popular Curry Chicken, a fragrant dish filled with generous chunks of tender chicken, Wheat Prawn, topped with crispy cereal bits, and juicy Tokyo Yakitori & Otak. The Thai Pineapple Rice is a great choice too, as it is sweet and aromatic, with juicy chunks of pineapple scattered within.

You must try the Yam Paste w Gingko Nuts, which has a thick and creamy texture, perfectly supplemented by its earthy and robust flavours. This treat is sure to delight all ages!

1st Birthday Safari Theme Party (B) also comes with 35 pieces of complimentary Safari Theme Cupcakes. These adorable little cupcakes are bound to impress your guests and bring joy to the little ones.

best caterers - ecreative catering
Credit – ECreative Catering

For something a little simpler, ECreative Catering also offers the Classic Signature Buffet (S$13++ per pax, minimum 30 pax), comprising 10 dishes. What makes this buffet spread so enticing is the fact that you can choose each of your preferred proteins, seafood, vegetables and carbs— choices include the Salted Egg Chicken, Fragrance Honey Prawn and Mango Fish. The buffet set also includes a choice of dessert, with options like Chilled Cheng Teng and Mini Apple Strudel

best caterers - ecreative catering
Credit – ECreative Catering

Finally, the International Value Buffet Menu (A) (S$14.90++ per pax, minimum 30 pax) is perfect for guests seeking a diverse range of global cuisines. Like the Classic Signature Buffet, you’ll get to select from a huge range of dishes per category. Explore tantalising options like Laksa Seafood Fried Rice, Mala Deep Fried Chicken Cube, Golden Salted Egg Prawn and Spaghetti Aglio Olio, just to name a few.

Place your orders for ECreative Catering here.

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7. Mei Hao 99 Catering

best caterers - mei hao 99 catering 2

Mei Hao 99 Catering sets itself apart from the rest of the buffet services by offering packet meals and tingkat services, which allows individuals and companies alike to enjoy cosy home-cooked food without the hassle of preparing them yourselves.

But of course, it also has full-fledged buffet catering services and bento sets to cater to different party needs.

best caterers - mei hao 99 catering

Mei Hao 99 Catering’s tingkat service, though only available for delivery to certain areas in Singapore, features a menu that rotates every month. You can look forward to freshly cooked dishes everyday with one soup and 3 dishes, like Pig Stomach Soup, Curry Chicken, Steam Egg w/ Minced Chicken and Braised Ngoh Xiang w/ Beansheet.

As for its buffet menu, prices start from S$11.99 per pax (min 50 pax) for its Super Value Menu (8 Course), which include options like Fried Hong Kong Noodle, Spare Pork Ribs, Crispy Tempura Prawn and Chicken w/ Satay Sauce.

+65 6755 7993
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8. Mum’s Kitchen Catering

best caterers - mums kitchen catering 2

Mum’s Kitchen started as a humble restaurant in Joo Chiat Road in 1996, and ever since, it’s expanded to include 2 central kitchens specifically for outdoor catering, with menus for small parties of 30 guests all the way to large corporate and ministerial events of 8,000 guests.

best caterers - mums kitchen

For large scale events, try Mum’s Kitchen Catering’s International Buffet Menu A (S$22.90 per pax, min 40 pax) as it’ll have a wide range of hot items like Baked Cajun Fish Fillet w/ Mango Cream, Tiger Prawn in Chilli Crab Sauce and even Johor Style Mee Goreng.

If you’re organising a seminar, check out its Whole Day Seminar Bento (S$22 per pax, min 30 pax) as it’ll cover tea breaks in the morning and afternoon with snacks like Mini Shelled Curry Puff, Black Pepper Chicken Pie and Red Velvet Swiss Roll, as well as bentos for lunch. 

+65 6346 0969
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9. Elsie’s Kitchen

best caterers - elsie's kitchen

For a taste of authentic Asian cooking, head to halal-certified Elsie’s Kitchen, which has been dishing out local and culinary treasures since 1954. 

Its story is quite a unique one— it was started by the Ang family, who began managing F&B outlets in the British Royal Air Force camps at Seletar, Tengah and Changi. After the British army withdrew from Singapore, Elsie’s Kitchen evolved from a simple cafeteria and canteen to a lead player in the catering industry in Singapore.

Fun fact: it was the caterer for the 28th SEA Games as well the National Day Parade in 2015!

best caterers - elsie's kitchen 2

From baby showers, buffet catering to corporate events and weddings, Elsie’s Kitchen has plenty to offer. 

Its buffet catering service covers Nostalgic Taste (S$13.90 per pax, 7 courses, min 50 pax), Traditional Choices (S$16.90 per pax, 8 courses, min 40 pax) and even Healthier Recipes (S$19.90 per pax, 11 courses, min 35 pax). Note that the service is all-encompassing and comes complete with tables, skirting, warmers, a full set of disposable wars, serviettes and even trash bins and bags!

+65 6288 4457
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10. Stamford Catering

best caterers - stamford catering 1
best caterers - stamford catering 1

Stamford Catering has over 20 years of experience in the catering industry, and this halal-certified caterer has a track record of being one of the best in the industry. It’s catered for major events like the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, StanChart Marathon, OCBC Cycle and much more.

Stamford Catering offers 15 types of catering services, ranging from buffets and high teas to packed meals and bento boxes. They even have a cocktail catering service, BBQ buffet and live stations where chefs will cook onsite for your guests!

best caterers - stamford catering 2
best caterers - stamford catering 2

You must try Stamford Catering’s Premium Buffet Menu, which combats the increasing prices for premium food by offering them at affordable prices for its consumers.

The Premium Buffet costs from S$32+ to S$42+ per pax, with delectable atas dishes like Spanish Seafood Paella Rice, which is topped with fish, shrimp, mussels and clams, or the gorgeous Golden Panko Oyster with Fluffy Scrambled Eggs on Shell.

Choose from a range of different buffet sets, such as Premium Buffet C: 10+1 Courses, which feeds a minimum of 20 pax. At S$42+ per pax, you’ll be treated to dishes like Slow Braised Beef Cheek with Bouquet Garni Garnish with Pearl Onion and Mushroom and Mao Shan Wang Bread & Butter Pudding with MSW Cream.

+65 6852 3338
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11. Katong Catering

best caterers - katong catering

Katong Catering started out as a humble tingkat delivery service, and it’s grown over the years to become an established caterer in Singapore that’s well known for its homey food that’s made with plenty of TLC.

best caterers - katong catering 2

At Katong Catering, you can look forward to homestyle food that’s just like what mum makes at home. Its signature items include King Size Prawn Sambal, Curry Chicken, Mutton Rendang, Katong Laksa and more, which span across bentos, mini buffets and party sets. 

Interestingly, on top of Asian favourites, it also has unique mini buffets like the All Day Breakfast Classic (S$168 for 10 pax) which has scrambled eggs, oven-roasted tomatoes and even mini pancakes with maple syrup, as well as Nonya Nonya (S$168 for 10 pax), which includes dry laksa goreng, a toppings platter, mackerel otah and satay.

Alternatively, you can even contact them to customise your own catering needs!

+65 6344 4115
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12. Manna Pot Catering

best caterers - manna pot catering

Established in Apr 2002 with a passion to provide wholesome food for the soul, Manna Pot Catering offers a wide spectrum of catering services spanning buffets, canapes, tea receptions, bentos, and even adorable snack boxes!

best caterers - manna pot catering 2

For the ultimate gourmet experience, try Manna Pot Catering’s Cocktail Canape Reception

It starts from S$24 per pax (min 70 pax) and can go up to S$38 per pax (min 40 pax), with unique selections like Truffle Mushroom Arancini Ball, Pesto Cone w/ Seafood Mango Salsa, Smoked Ham & Cheese Pinwheel and even Wild Mushroom Camembert Crostini!

If you’re looking for a no-fuss buffet option, check out Manna Pot’s Celebration Bundle. This requires no set-up and comes with self-heating pads, and comes in 3 cuisines: Asian (S$328), Peranakan (S$368) and Western (S$388)

For a full list of offerings by Manna Pot Catering, check out their menus here.

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