Zulin Aziz wants to move on from previous marital issue



10 May – Zulin Aziz just wants to move on from the previous conflict that she had with husband Farhan Norzaini, weeks after her separation announcement.

The actress and content creator, who reconciled with her husband a few days after the announcement, stated that she will not talk about the cause of their previous conflict and would rather focus on bettering their marriage.

"Just pray that we will be closer as a couple after what had happened. I'd rather not discuss it further. People can speculate, but only both of us know what caused it. The more we talk, the more people will speculate," she said.

Zulin also stressed that both she and Farhan have become more mature now, and that they have learned better ways to deal with their marital issues.

It was back in mid-April that Zulin surprised many with a post on Instagram that read, There is no understanding. Good luck for the future. God willing, time will heal. Thank you for everything. Take care."

She then stressed that it was neither a joke nor a gimmick, and that she can't give any explanation about what happened.

However, the two parties were able to mend things just in time for Eid.


Zulin and Farhan mend their relationship just in time for Eid
Zulin and Farhan mend their relationship just in time for Eid


(Photo Source: Zulin Aziz IG)