Zheng Shuang ends romance with manager boyfriend?

19 Dec – Rumours are rife that Zheng Shuang and her manager boyfriend Zhang Heng have ended their relationship.

As reported on Sina, rumours of their breakup sparked recently, after sources claimed that Zhang has ceased to be involved in managing the actress' career following a dispute concerning finances that could lead to a legal ramification.

It was also alleged that both parties have actually ended their romance as early as October, as they declined to participate in a show together that month, although they recited "scheduling conflicts" as the reason at the time.

Immediately after the rumour made the news, fans rejoiced, saying that they are happy that Zheng has made the right choice.

It is noted that fans of the actress were not very accepting of the relationship in the first place, having seen the interaction between Zheng and Zhang on the reality show, "Meeting Mr. Right 2" earlier.

Both parties have yet to respond to the rumours, with Zheng avoiding the question during her appearance at an event recently.

Zheng and Zhang first met in 2018 through the Chinese reality show, "This is Fighting Robots".

(Photo Source: Eastday)