Zheng Kai's restaurant accused of copying its interior

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

24 Jul – Chinese actor Zheng Kai's joy of launching his own hot pot restaurant was recently ruined by accusations that the said restaurant has plagiarised the decorations and theme of a different food joint.

As reported on Mingpao, another hot pot restaurant recently sent an open letter following the launch saying that Zheng's business has not only copied the style of their own place, but also have similarities in terms of its creativity and details.

Netizens who saw the comparison photos also noted that even the tableware and the welcome sign at both places were similar to one another, adding that the person who designed the restaurant could have copied the look instead of coming up with their own idea.

Do they look familiar? (Photo Source: Mingpao)
Do they look familiar? (Photo Source: Mingpao)

Following the allegations, Zheng's studio issued a statement stating that they are taking the matter seriously.

"At present, we have talked to legal professionals, industry personnel, and related institutions to investigate this issue. If the investigation results show that the decoration style of the hot pot restaurant does constitute infringement, we will bear corresponding responsibilities and modify things."

Zheng also forwarded the message, saying that they will rectify the situation immediately as they do not condone such behaviour.