Zhejiang TV cancels "Chase Me" following Godfrey Gao's death

6 Dec– Nine days following the death of Godfrey Gao on the set of Zhejiang TV's "Chase Me", it was reported that the show has been cancelled.

As reported on NBD, the decision to cancel the programme was made by the broadcaster after much deliberation following the tragedy, simultaneously to show respect to the deceased and his family.

In an interview with the media recently, Zhejiang TV director Lin Yong addressed the issues previously raised by netizens and fans alike about the situation surrounding Godfrey's death.

"At around 9.30pm on 26 November, Godfrey and the other guests started recording the ninth episode of "Chase Me". He participated in two mini games and watched the others in the remaining time. At around 1.26am on 27 November, Godfrey started recording the track session. After running more than 600 meters, he slowed down, sat on the side of the flower bed, and then lay down. It was 1:30:52 am," he said.

Lin stated that as soon as they realised that something strange was occurring, they immediately called the on-site ambulance, and the guests who were closer to the location ran from the main stage towards Godfrey.

"At 1 minute and 46 seconds after the fall, the on-site medical staff at the Ningbo Emergency Center arrived and began to implement professional rescue. More than 20 minutes after the first aid, the ambulance [the ambulance sent him to the nearest hospital].

After more than two hours of their effort to save him, the hospital declared that he had passed away," he said.

The director stressed that there was no negligence when it comes to security and medical assistance on the set of the show.

"Each time we record the programme, a professional medical security team is made available. That night, there were two ambulances, three professional medical staff, and two ambulance drivers from Ningbo Emergency Centre. The ambulance is equipped with professional first aid equipment including defibrillators. As for netizens who claimed to have seen an ambulance only arriving at 2am, what they saw was the third ambulance coming to the set," he said.

Lin praised Godfrey as a kind and lively person, and was saddened that they weren't able to save his life.

"We once again express our deep apologies and assume responsibilities," he added.

(Photo Source: Godfrey Gao Instagram)